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Home, what does it mean? To some it means a box in an alley with hardly any food, water and with no money. To others it means living in a three storey house with 9 bedrooms. Webster’s dictionary describes a home as: the house in which a person or family lives. A family living together in one dwelling. The place where something is usually or naturally found. The country or place where one lives or where one’s ancestors lived.

To me, home means much more….its where I feel comfortable, a place where I am loved, where I am accepted as I am.

Over a period of time, I have had several homes; I grew up in a place called Kalimpong (West Bengal), the foot hills of The Himalayas, and that was my first home. I went on to the boarding school, and that too became HOME. After school I went to Darjeeling to finish college, and I think I spent some of the happiest moments of my life there. That was HOME to me also, I still miss those familiar surroundings.
I spent the next fourteen years of my life in Nagpur, where I got married, I made my own home there, it represented what I was, it was ME. It was not only a place, but a very integral part of my soul, my very existence, and my friends. It broke my heart to leave that place; I lost everything just because of some decisions I had to make in life. But I had no choice; I had to move on….and I did. I came back HOME…
Now when I think about home, the first thing that comes into my mind is the image of my mother, and my daughter. Home, for me, is the place where I can find my roots, a place that will always be there, waiting for me to return.
When finally, after so much time has gone by, I can honestly say, I am home. As I walk through my house, up the stairs and into my room, I feel happier than I ever felt before and I realize that most people do get a second chance. That not everything you lose, you lose for good. I understand more than ever the meaning of a home. It wasn’t just this house and rooms like most would think. It is home because I am happy, because I feel like I belong here.

 “Home is where the heart is” and I truly believe that now. And experiences like the ones I have gone through makes you value things a little bit more, because as long as you have a home to call your own, you know you belong somewhere.

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  1. It is nice to read some many views on 'home.' Home Sweet Home.
    Wonderfully written.

  2. home is the house of your heart in it you dwell with the peace of god love. god bless you and keep <3 very good post and addition to the hop god bless

  3. Yes we all get second chances Alpana to find ourselves which becomes your home. Beautifully written

  4. i was listening to the song "Still got the blues" and thought i will visit back your page and read about the 'home'. i guess, wherever you may wander... or to any part of the world... bygone tales haunt us... and in all that set, a few priceless memories are attached along with 'home'. yeah! Great thought there. Made me think.

  5. Home is definitely where the heart is. For I can be anywhere in the world and the times I feel homesick are not just then, sometimes when I'm home I feel homesick - it's missing those that are close. A house is material a home is made with love oxox

  6. Still figuring out what is home.

    Joy always,

  7. Wonderfull post and so good to see you finding yourself again. This home obviously radiates positive emotions, and its now rubbing of on you. Keep on going, its beautiful to see

  8. Hello.
    For me, a home is not a home without love and laughter. My wife is my home. She is the keeper of my heart and the one whose arms I turn to when I need comfort & understanding from the trials and tribulations of this life.

    I enjoyed reading this post.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks also for following my blog.
    I always try to return the kindness & have become your newest follower too. Looking forward to your return visit!

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn

  9. Home is a place where I am loved, where I am accepted as I am. wow wonderful:)

  10. Home is where u fell happy"is so true :) Sweet post

  11. I've pondered this often. Many say that you take "home" with you, because it is that inestimable place within your heart. I agree with that, as like you, I've been forced to pick up, uproot myself, and create a new physical and geographical space for myself more than once. So, each new dwelling becomes home, to a degree.

    If I speak of where my heart feels at home, it is when I go back to visit my Mom and the land where I was raised. That is, and always will be a source of comfort, happiness and peace for me. I have dreams of building a home there on that property someday, but for now, the occasional visit will suffice to recharge my heart and polish up my spirit. I loved your thoughts on this concept, Alpana. :)

    - Dawn

  12. Oh what wonderful thoughts about home :)

    We spend most of our lives looking for it and yet it is a state of mind and feeling where I am truly happy and comfortable where I am.

    I consider this post a sacred one... it'll remind me of my true home.


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