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Today I have the privilege of posting another guest post on my blog, and this one is from my soul sister Rimly Bezbaruah. What do I say about her, she is well known in the blogging community, but above that, she is a great human being, I know what she means to me, I can reach out to her at any time , and she always has so much to give me, thank you for the  immense strength and support you always have for me… You can read more of her exquisite work at her blog

”She is a friend of mind.  She gathers me, man.  The pieces I am, she gathers them and gives them back to me in all the right order.  It's good, you know, when you got a woman who is a friend of your mind.”  ~Toni Morrison


You came back!
Why, I ask?
Declaring your love again…
Was it steadfast then?
When choices were called upon?
Expressing your fiery desire…
Did it not burn strong enough?
To stand strong and tall?
I was your soul mate!
Now I wonder…
Was I your distraction?
A plaything, a rag doll?
Discarded at will?
Taken on whims?
Was I not the One?
Who taught you love!
Did I not love you enough?
No right?
No dignity?

Our passion had me spellbound
I was swept off my feet
I surrendered my heart
I lay bare my soul
They had taken flight!
Faith overflowing…
You were my life…
Time revolved
Around you,
I was lost somewhere
Weaving dreams of hope and loyalty…
Oh how fragile they were!
With one fell blow
You tore them to smithereens!
Trust trampled under,
Never to rise again…

You are here!
Why, I ask?
What do you want?
Why do I want you?
My fractured heart
Weeps and bleeds
Love threatens to
The same that
Nearly sacrificed me!
I take furtive steps
Around you now…
I hold back
No longer sure…
There are nights
I lay staring into the dark
The dam of tears
Threatening to give way
And I pray…
And I appeal…
“Let this longing die”
I whimper into the steely night
“Let this fade and wither forever….”
Let me live again…
  Rimly Bezbaruah

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  1. Hats off Rimly....spell bound! The feelings of suffering and vividly portrayed.

    1. Thank you Janu. This was again a spur of the moment composition.

  2. i want to be a flying bird again. can you set me free? the WHY is still a constraint i can't ignore. every time you touch me i feel like a HERO, cannot think beyond, out of your box. your intonations still catch up my breathe. my wings refuse to fly, though i want to be again a flying bird.

    can you tell me WHY?

    Alpana, i heartily thank you for putting such a meaningful poem on your blog.

    Rimly, you are always a darling collaborating thoughts.

    kisses to both my sisters. love you both a lot.

    1. Thank you my soul sis. This poem encompasses the wanting to break free and yet unable to do so. Like you said, I want to fly but somehow something holds me back. Thank you for your comment. Love you too

  3. Hello Rimly & Alpana,
    This tugged at my heartstrings. I almost want to shout "Live, Breathe, Love."
    Simply beautiful.
    Thank you both for sharing.

    1. Hi Andy thank you. I want to shout "Eat, pray, love"! LOL!

    2. Hello Andy thank you so much. I want to shout "Eat, pray, love"! LOL! Glad to know this poem tugged your heartstrings

  4. the touching futile fluttering of chopped wings! It touched to my very bones!

  5. You always touch my heart with your words making me feel and think !!!

    Thank You

    1. Jim it is so good to have you comment on my poems. Really missed them.

  6. Great guest post. Very powerful and intense.

  7. Heartrendingly romantic and tragic poem, Outlier.It portrays the dilemma of a loving soul, its intensity moves and the pain is palpable.Lots of love dear friend, thanks for sharing, Alpana and Rimly <3

    1. Thank you my Outlier. It was one of those poems. I guess a lot of us can connect to it. Thank you for sharing this on FB. Love you

  8. Heartrendingly romantic and tragic poem, Outlier.It portrays the dilemma of a loving soul, its intensity moves and the pain is palpable.Lots of love dear friend, thanks for sharing, Alpana and Rimly <3

  9. nice poem and post

    1. Thank you Chirag for visiting and commenting

  10. You know I admire you beyond your writing skills. This is so intense. I would've wanted my heart to speak out like that ~ not to hurt him but just to let him know this is how I feel...

    We do speak the same minds soul sisters...

  11.'s nice to read this hopeful poem about wanting to "live again" after her tragic love! Lovely poem.Love the essence of it! :)


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