Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Shelf of Scenes

My dearest friend Nithin Jacob has once again guest posted for me, an honor for my blog. In everyone's life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It sometimes bursts into flame by an encounter with another human being. And that is what NJ has been to me….standing by me in all my problems, hearing me out whenever I feel low….Thank  you NJ, for everything…..The least I can do for you for you NJ,is simply be your friend always……I get immense pleasure to read what he writes, and get my major source of inspiration from too can read his poems and stories at

Shelf of Scenes
By: NJ

Slowly, her shadow walks through
Into the doors of her former nights
Over the clouds of a mourning day
Under the dale where stone is stiff
When the faces are frail and glare
Oozed by the dim when light is off
Whether her sleep took her dream
Will she recall the sight of sunup?
Will she recall the nights of marvel?
Over the clouds, a light has sparked
Into the wilds when the rain is down
Searching for peace, in her heart
Thunderstorm or summer dream
Heart is the hut for warrior’s rest
And softly her sorrows fade away
Into the doors of a serene sleep
Into the wilds of an undying dream

Labels: Heart, dream, shadow
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  1. splendid..awesome.. loved each lines of stirs..deep down my soul..<3<3 ..u shine..NJ..<3

  2. O NJ! I loved it...wenever I steal moments to read n pen down...these spectcular creations by you calm me down n get deep in heart.

    N I greed for more....


  3. Very well written,I can see shades of you Alpana...And hats off to you NJ,for capturing the real inner thoughts.

  4. very well written!!! dis shud b published in sumthing!!! :)

  5. Dreamy, very nice. Thank you, Nithin and thanks for hosting this guest post, Alpana. xox

  6. Beautiful ...As always...XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

  7. I loved every line especially the end....And softly her sorrows fade away, into the doors of a serene sleep....
    Beautifully penned NJ

  8. I was totally taken aback after reading this poem,as every word here is a description of my feelings and thoughts.Thank you so much NJ,no one could have done it better...Will treasure this one always.Maybe I am being biased,since you wrote this for me,but I think this is one of your best....I do hope to see more of you here....

  9. It was so sweet.

  10. Wonderful is the only word I can use,the words used are so touching...I am really impressed Nithin.

  11. This describes you so well and the ending is what we wish for you soon, dearest Alpana. Great stuff, Nitin!

  12. This describes you so well and the ending is what we wish for you soon, dearest Alpana. Great stuff, Nitin!

  13. Nithin, your poem takes our breath away,a lovely poem about sorrows fading away. Alpana, you are lucky to have such a great friend, wonderful post..wonderful blog...

  14. I loved it all,its beautifully written...very touching!!!!

  15. Its words fail me...I am getting goose bumps as I read the are fascinating...your words speak for themselves.

  16. Really touched me...its very well written.

  17. Thank you everyone. I feel honored. I am glad that I was able to write for Alpana yet again! God bless everyone.

  18. Wow! Beautifully expressed NJ ! :)
    You're lucky to have such sweet and caring friend,Alps :)
    Keep Smiling you both..

  19. This was dreamy. Beautifully descriptive.

  20. I dont know what to say. where to begin from, and where to seek the end. were these lines coming out live? or was i dreaming about such scenes? Shelf of scenes...

  21. heart is really a hut where warrior's rest. rest to start up again, stand up with will power potent.

    wonderful lines that describes a warrior. loved the poem Alpana.

    Nithin, you are really a poet who indulges his soul in understanding a mind. lovely.

  22. One thing about NJ is he only gets better everytime he writes. While Jim B, surprises me everyday with his exciting blogposts, NJ's poetry digs deep into his own heart and his memories ~ that makes his writings more effective.

    A very sensitive man ~ it's not always that I see a man speaking of his own heart, "Heart is the hut for warrior’s rest"... YES!It definitely is.



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