Sunday, December 18, 2011

As another year draws to an end.....

As another year draws to an end.....

And I reflect on my life this past year ... I think of all the changes and all the things that have not changed...

The one thing that stands out for me is that I have had some awesome and amazing people visit my life, leaving with me some wonderful times ,some sad times, some deeply serious times and sometimes full of silliness and insanity.

Some have shown me things within myself I never knew ,feelings I thought had died, hopes and dreams I still have yet to find and hopes and dreams that were but for a flash in the span of time.

They have shown me things that have made me laugh so hard it made me cry. Shown me things that hurt so bad the tears could not soothe the pain, leaving me to know that I am alive inside and my heart has not died.

Some revealed to me their lives and the things that fill their time. Some allowed me to join them on their path in time, enabling me to see that we really are all the same, no matter what the differences are between us in time and space.

I am honored and humbled by sharing of myself with my blogger friends. Thank you for all the lessons of life you have shared with me in this brief span of time ...I will often visit the things we have shared here, and look forward to the things we have yet to share, moving along in the walk of time.

"I can see where the worst of years in this year, but also the best." The reason for it is that this past year I have discovered how truly lucky I am to have family and friends who have supplied an incredible amount of support and comfort during my time of need. It is humbling to realize how much people care about you, and how much they are willing to do to help you.

At the same time I felt nothing could be worse than the year this was….it really has been a hell of a year for me. I have learned a lot about myself, I lost my strength, my friend, my sister….but I learned that life has to carry on. She left behind something more valuable than herself, her two children, who I truly believe are mine. My daughter lost her father, and I am trying to give her my all, I know I can’t replace the people who have gone, but I know for sure that I can give them all my love.

May I always treasure the moments I find myself in, and know that it is where I find all my past and my future.... and you all will be in it.

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  1. Nice...<3<3. You are inspiration to all.

  2. I feel so touched. Life's like this. Unexpected sorrows, happiness that we plan, dreams and all. Still life goes on, and moving on with every kinda phase is life. Good luck for your life. :) TC

    P.S. My first visit here, liked being here :)

  3. @Shreya: Thank you for visiting my blog,and your kind words.

  4. Thats a nice post again :) :) Bloody Inspirational :P

  5. Alpana, you have gone through so much in this past year but still have managed to be strong and positive for your loved ones. I admire this in you. Hope the new year brings you lots of happiness and good fortune, take care friend.

  6. Love and peace to you, Alpana. Thank you for sharing your humanity with us. I wish you all the best for the new year.

  7. You are one brave woman soul sis. I know what pain and sadness you have gone through and yet you have managed to move on with courage and hope. I hope and wish the next year will bring all the happiness. I know it will because in life everything balances out. Love you

  8. Alpana, your courage in the face of tragedy and limitless depth of your love for family and friends so touched me here. You are a strong woman of faith; one I am honored and humbled to know.
    May God bring you many sweet blessings in 2012!

  9. You are an inspiration and I love you. <3<3<3

  10. I feel blessed to have your blog to visit..beautiful post.

  11. this year was a U turn of your life with all the even and odds. we met this year, sharing a lot, learning and experiencing an attachment, a bond, a pleasure to unite our feelings under one shade. BLOGGERS REFLECTION is also born this year. it is one of the gems to be counted in your path of success.

    again, i know what you have gone through. it is not that easy to continue after life thrashing each time one after the other and that too all in the same year. i respect your honesty towards your responsibilities. how you have carried yourself with dignity in each crucial situations. you are brave enough to fight alone. that is an inspiration for all.

    i wish you all the best in the upcoming years where life will be filled with only love and happiness. each day will be gorgeous with sunrise and sunset.

  12. Hello.
    Although we have never met, I feel I have come to know a fraction of you from reading your writings. I have already perceived that you have strength, courage, humility and a heart full of love. The coming year too will be fraught with ups and downs & you will be tested, as will we all, but you have proved that no matter what life throws our way, you will overcome. I believe there will be more happiness than sadness.
    Beautiful post Alpana.
    Thanks for sharing.

  13. I feel blessed to have met you in my always encourage me and have your hand out to me...I don't take that for means more then I can say...thank you for being in my life and a part of my journey.......loving you always.....As always....XOXOXOXOXO

  14. Dear Alpana,

    This year has been quite difficult for you but yet you exihibit so much positivity and is looking forward to your life. If life has taken few reasons to break you down and snatch the reasons to live it has at the same time bestowed you with few more strong reasons and made you a better, more humble human being now.
    Yes , it is anyday difficult for a woman but then he knows a woman is more powerful than a man anyday.

    You know have responsibility of three beautiful children and I know you will shoulder them with full conviction and love.

    You know the most brave act from you is that despite all these happenings you never mixed the two lives...u have always been continuously present in the forum showering love n inspiring all.

    Kudos and may god bless U!!


  15. Alpana, only a courageous woman like you could still see the bright side in all that was dark in your life this year. I give you credit for that. Its easy for people to comfort or rejoice objectively but far from easy to tell yourself what friends tell you in those times. Salute for that! So glad I found you : )


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