Thursday, April 14, 2011


                               A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU
                   ALEJANDRO GUZMAN

In these few blogging months of mine, I have made some amazing friends. I have interacted with a few on a personal level, made relationships to last a life time. I met a special man, with whom I actually had a horrible argument on my very first day. Later on I realized the kind of person he is…gives a tough exterior, but is the softest person around. Firstly a great Dad to a beautiful princess called Amelie, a wonderful friend, someone who has reached out and given me sound advice…giving me a protective feeling….an incorrigible flirt, with whom I feel safe….and he makes me feel beautiful….and who will not fall in love with this man, who believes, A father staying young as my daughter gets older”….I owe this one to you Alejandro Guzman.....I could not have chosen a better day than this, 15th of Aprilyour birthday

You're better than a brother
 You're not my boyfriend
          You have a special place in my heart
    That's why your my Friend

Happy birthday to you A
Today, I wish only the best for you
Pleasure will reign
Your happiness should last till all things end!
Because you've been so sweet and understanding
Many a times you have made me smile
Rejoice in your own specialness awhile
We've really come far
In this friendship that we made
You mean a lot to me my friend
I hope our friendship doesn't fade
Time after time I've enjoyed your company on FB

Smiling at your comments
And when there were days
That I needed encouragement
I knew you'd always be there…

Time and again I've been ever so grateful
For having a good friend like you
A friend for all times
To confide in, to count on, and treasure
A whole lifetime through

Happy Birthday A
Today is just about you...
Your future is more than promising, it's looking bright
So on your Birthday, I simply want you to know
How much you mean to me, you are special
You're a friend
For all times
I love you and will always wish happiness for you and lil Amelie

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Pictures:Courtesy Alejandro's Facebook album
Video:Courtesy Youtube


  1. Loved the way to wish and poem too. Happy b'day to Alejandro, from me too! Alpana you are a great friend! I am lucky I met you.

  2. oh can i swear here? F me! that was too beautiful.. why?
    My love is as it should be as I see now that it is getting there for you Alpana.
    yes we had a disagreement... but what is real friendship?
    You are!


  3. The great Daddy is the birthday boy today........Happy birthday Alejandro...I am lucky to know such a great man who is a great friend and also a great dad :D

  4. Alpana,
    What a beautiful birthday wish for a very special man indeed.
    I do so remember that day the two of you meet. lol I am ever so happy the two of you worked things out.
    Happy Birthday Handsome Daddy May this birthday be filled with lots of Joy for you.

  5. Alpana, I as well remember the first day you two met. Oh boy, I was panicked watching the conversation fold out on fb before my eyes, knowing how A is, and also knowing that you were knew to the group and was afraid you wouldn't understand his humor. Enough said, it worked out fine and I'm glad you are still with us:)
    Your poem is heart-touching and couldn't have written it for a better gentleman.

  6. A special birthday wish for a special perfect...thanx always..XOXOXO

  7. Beautiful tribute to a great guy, Alpana. It is often worth the trouble to look beyond the surface to the heart within. Happy birthday, A ... again! <3

  8. May Allah shower his blessings on Him....happy bday dear!!!

    Best Wishes,

  9. Happy Birthday Alejandro...... Through Alpana we come to know about a wonderful father born out of Amelei. a bithday gift in a so special way................ your poem was awesome, Alpana.

  10. What a great tribute!!! Happy Birthday A! :)

  11. A lovely tribute, Alpana! Oh boy, I'd love to have 'witnessed' the argument..AG is special and so are you sistah! Hugs.

  12. Wow great and this is called real friendship.In life there are so many tregedy and so many works around but still you keep in touch and remember the friends till last moment of life and the way you wish your friend Loved that......

  13. i was very excited to see all of alejandro's birthday greetings this morning when i awoke...

    i was so sure many people will give him a tribute of some sort :P...

    i think that's how special he is... and i thank God that i came to know him before his special day so i could greet him too...

    you're very lucky to have amelie... and the same goes for your little child...


  14. A very happy birthday....Alejandro

  15. Wow... so very thoughtful!! Loved the poem. Happy b'day A....


  16. Alpana, beautiful tribute to a WONDERFUL, one-of-a-kind guy!
    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Richest blessings

  17. hi aplpana. great idea to to post a poem for a fried's birthday in ones own blog eh! or post whatever..that's a very special birthday treat. thanks for the idea


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