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Help Stop Child Abuse

I am writing this because I have been inspired by a special lady, who is giving "Voice" to Abuse Victims.
Her site is dedicated to bringing awareness and shedding light on the epidemic of abuse that runs rampant throughout the world.

ABUSE knows no boundaries, knows no gender, knows no age.. FOW's goal is to give a Voice to Survivors and Victims of all types of abuse. Growing a safe community which provides information, support and a "Voice" for abuse survivors and victims. Jessica Brant you are my friend, my sister, my guide, Finding Ones Way is "Uniting" in "Speaking Out" giving "Rise" to the many "Voices" by putting a stop to the shame.

This poem is dedicated to all, whether you are in an abusive relationship or know someone who is in one. There is a way out, there are people who know what you are going through.... they have been there and have over come by speaking.

There is a reflection of pain in her eyes, as she fights back tears
Trying to figure out why she has put up with it all of these years
Innocence is no longer there
Just taken away
Struggling to deal with it, thinking to be free someday
Tries to tell someone but no one believes her cries 
Just another young girl getting some attention through lies

Sitting alone under the night sky so black
Nobody knows what she's holding back
Looking up at the stars so high
Sometimes she wishes she could melt into the sky

Out of her eye drops a single tear
As she realizes she has to face her worst fear
Hidden from view her silent tears flow freely
This horrible pain has gone on far too long

She tries to forget as she hums her own little song
She blocks out the sound with hands on her ears 
She closes her eyes and tries to forget her fears
The screams are getting louder and louder
Soon it will be time and she can stand it no longer

He holds her close

His voice so soft
His tempting, careful praise
Promises, promptings, guidance
So He could have his ways
Ignoring her naivety
Blind to her trusting eyes
Devouring her
Leaving wounds which no one can see
Filled with confusion
Torment and undeserved shame
Her child hood stolen

Why does she feel ashamed?
Where does this stop
What kind of a world 
What kind of place
She can't control what happened to her
The Pain 
The Hurt
The Anger
Will it all leave her one day…..

Co-Written by Jessica Brant
Labels: Survivor,pain, innocence,fear
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  1. Sent this to a friend who was raped as a teen. Thanks.

  2. Child abuse continues to be a significant problem in every part of world...its a crime perpetrated on the innocent and the defenseless......

    even i have said in one of my blog post that we talk about corruption...about crime but we never talk or protest about Child abuse.... you have taken up an important issue, great job....

  3. Sad but true! I liked your word usage and the message is very clear. There is a lot of bad in this world and I try to do my part to change things if only by offering a friedly ear or voice. Something just hit close to home(a friend) and i am still waiting to see how she is doing. No word yet.

  4. Abuse of children is more common than most people realize. At least one out of five adult women and one out of every ten adult men report having been abused in childhood.

    By educating yourself and your children about abuse, you can help prevent it from happening to your children and better cope with it if it does.

    There are four different forms of child abuse.
    1) physical abuse (child beating and neglect), include burning with a cigarette, striking a child, and scalding with hot water.
    2) sexual abuse, most often committed by friends who have access to children within the family setting and by people normally trusted by parents: doctors, dentists, teachers, and baby-sitters.
    3) incest, sexual contact that occurs between family members.Most incest occurs between older male relatives and younger female children in families of every class and color.
    4) exploitation (such as child pornography).

    child abuse is difficult to measure because lack of reporting and lack of memory.

    di you r doing grt job...awareness of such issues and let know your children about these problem will really help...

  5. Well said Alpana. The more the word gets around that this shit is just unacceptable the better.


    kisses to you and Jessica for her wonderful helpful site.

  6. no matter what, i think she can never forget the cause. effect may make her better or worse. either she brings out good things in life so that others are protected from being a victim like her or she can make her life a more like hell by not letting herself out of the devastating flaws that in no way can be rubbed off.

  7. So beautifully Alpana. The pain, the shame and agony all so well portrayed.

  8. So beautifully Alpana. The pain, the shame and agony all so well portrayed.

  9. Brings back plenty of not nice memories.

    So sad how ppl can do this.

  10. you cam write and very well. tell your story. the good will come out and some day we will close the door on abuse. keep tell the story. thank you and god bless

  11. Beautiful Alpana. The more people realize the severity of this happening, the more likely we are to stop this. Even saving ONE child from this traumatizing experience is an accomplishment!

  12. You have managed to write so beautifully on such a sad, horrifying subject. With the work being done by people like Jessica here in the blogging world, there are undoubtedly many who are going to be given the strength to now say 'no',or tell their story who without you would just keep silent, and suffering.

  13. All child abuse is horrendous, and I can never understand why anyone would inflict it on an innocent child. It is unfathomable...very well written Alpana...kudos for raising awareness..x

  14. We should all be standing together and speak as one voice: Child abuse will not be tolerated. Great post Alpana!

  15. posts like this make great impact on me...

    there's so much in it... children are defenseless... that's why we are here to protect them and care for them...

    i shared to a friend that i had to relieve myself from the mission for some time, because it could be depressing esp. when one cannot do anything with the situation... i get mad and distressed at the parents... and sometimes, things could get so emotional...

    some kids could bounce back easily... but others could take longer to heal... esp. when trust has been destroyed...

    LISTEN... just listen... and LOVE them above all...

  16. Am back, after a while. Lovely poem and a strong message. Its very important to tackle Child abuse. I would just like to add one thing that even male children are abused widely. Its high time we did something serious about it.

  17. I don't think any of you who have posted child abuse posts know how happy I am to see these posts. Knowledge is key to stopping the horrors that is rape and abuse. I have yet to begin to share my stories about my horrific childhood. There is so much more than parental abuse, I too was a victim of rape before the age of 4. People just don't understand how hard it is for victims to speak out. There is either disbelieve or worsening of abuse. I dream about a world where children are safe and able to stay children. Every voice against child abuse is a chance for my dream to come true. Thank you.


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