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HARSHAL with Riddhi

HARSHAL with Riddhi

Indian Wedding Cards
 वक्रतुंड महाकाय सूर्यकोटिसमप्रभ।

निर्विघ्नं कुरु मे देव सर्वकार्येषु सर्वदा॥
गजाननं भूतगणादिसेवितं कपित्थजंबूफलचारुभक्षणम्‌।
उमासुतं शोकविनाशकारकं नमामि विघ्नेश्वरपादपङ्कजम्‌॥
सुमुखश्चैकदंतश्च कपिलो गजकर्णकः।
लम्बोदरश्च विकटो विघ्ननाशो गणाधिपः।
धूम्रकेतुर्गणाध्यक्षो भालचन्द्रो गजाननः।
द्वादशैतानि नामानि यः पठेच्छृणुयादपि।
विद्यारंभे विवाहे च प्रवेशे निर्गमे तथा।
संग्रामे संकटे चैव विघ्नस्तस्य न जायते॥
शुक्लाम्बरधरं देवं शशिवर्णं चतुर्भुजम्।
प्रसन्नवदनं ध्यायेत् सर्वविघ्नोपशान्तये॥
मूषिकवाहन् मोदकहस्त चामरकर्ण विलम्बित सूत्र।
वामनरूप महेश्वरपुत्र विघ्नविनायक पाद नमस्ते॥

With the blessings of Lord Ganesh, I am very happy to congratulate the newly engaged couple….

What greater thing is there for two human souls that to feel that they are joined... to strengthen each other... to be at one with each other in silent unspeakable memories. 
      ~ George Eliot

Harshal and Riddhi…. 
Once upon a time you met
And shared much love and laughter
May your Engagement continue the fairy tale
As it is the time between
Being two and one(and believe me, he fell in love with her at first sight.) Engagement is the time 

“All that I am and all that I have, I offer to you in love and in joy
From this day forward I will love and comfort you, hold you close
prize you above all others, 
and remain faithful to you all the days of our lives.

As you start out together
Along life's busy road
Remember, bring your dreams with you
They lighten every load
And then you will discover
As your journey starts today
That happiness walks with you
Hand-in-hand along the way.
To Harshal and Riddhi
A heaven-made match, a perfect pair
This brings a wish for happiness
In the future that you'll share
May your engagement be the beginning
of a lifetime filled with special
love and happiness.

With all my love, prayers and blessings,

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  1. Dee.......You made me cry.....Love you so much dee......I don't believe the surprise from you this level......What amazing gift you give me in my life.......No words to say dee.........

  2. all the best wishes for HARSHAL AND RIDDI. GANESHJI'S blessings and all our prayers are for the lovely couple. Alpana, your mind is always creating good vibes in others lives. remember Ganeshji is always with you.

  3. @Harshal Patel and Riddhi..CONGRATULATIONS and best wishes for life ahead.

    @Alpana di...thanks for so important infomation...u r such a sweetheart di...appreciate what u did for Harshal Patel and Riddhi..

  4. What a beautiful and thoughtful tribute to a couple in love. May they grow together, continually falling deeper and deeper in love as time goes on.

    A beautiful post. You have such a beautiful heart Alpana!

  5. @Sancheeta Di......Thanks me bolunga nai and I know well you and all my friends wish for me good.....And I will invite you when we have to come to bless me personally....
    I am also waiting for that day....

  6. Arrenged ya love....ya love ko arrenge kiya? Congrats.......Harshal!

    Alpnana very beautiful post. Really loved the way of celebration!

    All the best for new life Harshal!

  7. Lovely song to wish them all the best in the future of their marriage.

  8. My hearty congratulations to Harshal & Riddhi..

    Truly Alpana.. ur words can melt anyone's heart.. wat a way to giv congratulation.. :)

  9. Best wishes to the happy couple! What a wonderful friend you are to them Alpana!

  10. @Nelieta : Alpana is not only my friends she is my called elder sister too.......!!!

    And I love my dee a lot.....

    Thanking you for your best wishes.

  11. What a wonderful tribute - My best wishes to the couple as well. Kudos to you Alpana.

  12. Your amazing Alpana what a great gift.... My best wished to both of them

  13. Such a beautiful gift to the happy couple! I wish them all the best!

  14. you are always there with the right gift :D


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