Monday, May 23, 2011

An Empty Burn

Fire burning softly, quietly in my heart
Torturer of life, bringer of death
You are the slow killer of my soul and heart
Killer of love and love's hopes

Pain, clinging with tendrils close and thick
Tugging and holding my spirit from flying
Pain, wall of illusion and deceit
I scream within the darkness and 
Find myself alone, a small quivering child

Watching you from across the room
Sends ripping pain through my heart
Things will never be the same
I am lost in your eyes, caught in your name

Knives are the words you speak to me
As I tremble in the wake of your thoughts
And inwardly crumble underneath your stare
My soul is lost in a never ending fight
There is a chill in my bones

My soul craves love's deep pain
As I reach for life's meaning

I am dying inside
My lonely dreams of a life without you is always near
It haunts me and taunts me
As I surrender my soul and my heart

The flames wash into my heart 
Enveloped by love, I walk through the heat
Slowly I reach with hesitant touch into the core of my pain
The scorching pain races into my heart and sears my soul
Pain will bring back my love
Pain will give me life again
Pain is so deep and cold
It’s in my heart and soul
Pain will never leave me
It is my friend……
Is it yours too…..

Labels: Heartbreak, love, pain, burn
Pictures:Courtesy Google Images
This post was first published at Jessica Brant's Finding One's Way


  1. Excellent piece of poetry! Pain is pleasure! But surely there's a ray when the next dawn comes. Keep penning!

  2. Every parting is a form of death, as every reunion is a type of heaven. ~Tryon Edwards
    Lovely poem Alpana, loved it. Pain and pleasure go hand in hand.

  3. Alpana,

    looks good in it rightful home.
    Thank you

  4. That's fantastic Alpu, I'm sooo proud of you...

  5. Love and pain are forever mingled. We can not have one without the other, you describe human emotions so vividly that I imagine my heart and soul being destroyed by the one I love....

  6. Things will never be the same
    I am lost in your eyes, caught in your name

    Damn that is so great. I just love your words,heart and mind!!!
    By the way I have not mentioned it on my blog but I added you to my list of Favorite blogs


  8. passionate one!!!..good work...

  9. nice post alpana…

  10. When I read your poems, I get lost in my "summer" a time when love was so fresh, the passion so pure and the pain to much. Love your poems.

  11. Sssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………………. Its very hot……And atleast for bechlor like me its to hot and in the summer season Ohh my God….!! So hot……Sexy, full of love, romance feelings and very lusty…..Its amazing…….Nice one……

    Alpana Dee aap mujhe shadi se pehle pura romantic bana do ge…….

  12. Very powerful, Alpana. My only fear is that we shouldn’t make our pain a badge of honor. Instead we should consciously and consistently work at allowing that pain to heal….lay it bare and then let it go……

  13. I like your writing, Alpana, it is always intense and passionate. It’s good to express the pain as well as joy.

  14. Hi Alpana -

    Interesting how the human spirit processes inner pain, isn’t it? I’m a firm believer that most people have a subconscious infinity with inner pain. We will verbally say we don’t like inner pain, but we often continue to do the same things that provide us with this inner pain. Why do people like their pain? You write another amazing poem, Alpana.

  15. Sancheeta BiswasJune 2, 2011 at 11:08 PM

    Your pain is like the deep waters of the ANTARCTIC OCEAN covered with the white ice, waiting for the summer to get exposed to the warmth of the sunlight. release the pain and absorb the cozy summer rays, we are with you always.

  16. David Michael SmithJune 2, 2011 at 11:09 PM

    Poignant look at the pain we have all suffered at the hands of amother. The words moved me and filled my heart with sadness…


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