Friday, May 27, 2011


For those who believe in love, no explanation is necessary; for those who do not, no explanation is possible. 
This is my dedication for two very special people in my life, they know me, understand me, and believe in me, and my love….RIMLY BEZBARUAH, JESSICA BRANT….WE will emerge winners…Love does it all…

At times I wake up at night, shivering from fear
Feeling empty, lost
Just the deep gnawing pain
Just one thought
Driving me crazy
How it would be 
If you weren't here 
My hands reach out in the night
And I feel the darkness with my fingers
I feel his touch
It gives me strength
It keeps me warm while I sleep
To keep me away from my dreams
Which haunt me
And want to bury me deeper in my sins
I want to escape this trap
I am falling faster
Faster than I can fly

“I want to live your dreams”
This is what you said to me…
And it was at that moment
You took my breath away
And now, when my mind questions me
Who is he, what is he to you, where is he?
I say, he is my soul's perfect mate, my body's passionate lover and my mind's sole companion
He is the rhythm of my soul, and the love of my life
He is within me, in every breath I take, in every heartbeat of mine
He is my completion, for today, tomorrow....forever

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  1. i feel every word you said... even if i haven't experienced everything in it maximum level...

    but i ask the same questions... and not leave myself to despair...

    where is he? is it he? is there even one for me?

    but for you i know there's somebody in store for you... there is...

  2. Amazing dee.......To hot images and wording as usual wondering me.....I can also say now what is love......Really its amazed me.....Superb,Awesome,Beautiful as your heart...Lovely as your behavior.....Most touchy line is : “I want to live your dreams”

  3. Awesome....

    Vibrant thoughts.....can feel it very well...

  4. Beautiful expressions and images..

  5. gorgeous! as you 3 ladies are!


  6. Alpana,
    With this all I can do is close my eyes breathe and feel at a level few can know. For your words have taken my breath away
    Thank You Sister
    <3 <3

  7. You three rock! Alpana, your words always manage to reach out and touch very deeply. Wishing the three of you love - always!

  8. Thank you sweetheart, you are very special to me. And this poem, it took my breath away. You couldnt have expressed it any better about the love you feel for your soul mate. I just loved the last stanza. I wish you love and fulfillment always.

  9. Beautiful and moving ... my words couldn't do this writing justice

  10. Alpana, my comments to your blog post: Hi Alpana - We all have/had a shivering fear, that darkness...the feeling deep within the heart...the longing, loneliness, for our soul-mate. I believe we all have one, some where... and at times each of us sense that person's thoughts, feelings, same emotions. You will connect. God Bless. :)

  11. A toast to 3 beautiful ladies....

  12. True love has no boundaries. This is a beautifully written poem Alpana and filled with emotion. Thanks for sharing this :)

  13. Thats why we miss you when your gone even a few days. When I read your words I do not feel worthy to write even a comment// The last stanza blows me away far away


  14. you know love well. great to have writing. very well done thank you and god bless

  15. I am one of those who cannot life with you. great words to express that.

  16. you are the one

    turning me to sphere from a straight line of despair

    enclosing you to truth

    my life, my love, i owe every reference to you.

    wonderful Alps, your every word so crystal clear and pure. love you for your thoughts.

  17. Beautifully written. Solitude is what makes a person strong. Let the emptiness comes out as the most powerful emotion. It will surely make all of us strong.

  18. yes! someone is there all the time, looking after you.. Yes! someone is there truly who wishes for you.. Yes! someone is there who completes you..

    Loved the hearty touch of these words..

    Love, Love & lots of love to you Alps..<3

    Yea! Congrats Rimly & Jessica for receiving such a beautiful gesture..

  19. Hi.

    We chanced upon ur blog while surveying the blogosphere for our June Review. In the meantime, we have 'spotted!' it on our blog: Indian Top Blog.
    Happy blogging!

  20. It's too deep! You know Alpana! I can't say anything on your magical words. I can only say, I love your have magic! And really can't find words. believe me. So I always think what to comment! :)

  21. I thought this passionate and beautiful, your writing intense x


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