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For this month's collaboration, I am extremely pleased to say that I am working with an amazing woman, Alpana Jaiswal. This woman is so well known in the blogging community that I could have written her first name or written Motifs and many people would have known of who I was referring. Her very popular web site, MOTIFS ON THE WALL, is one of mine and many other reader's personal favorites. Her writing is extraordinary. She touches on many different subjects and always with deep conviction, warmth and amazing imagery. The strength of this woman's words touches many hearts and brains each time she puts pen to paper. I can promise you this, she will always make you feel and think. Please enjoy Alpana's "AURORA" and I'll try to add some of our images to help, in our little way, create an interesting piece for your approval.
JP Brandano Photography


As the sun wrapped arms around gold

Still drinking in the substance
Cradled in its splendiferous form
Hair brushed from eyes, to blind with constant light
The radiant sphere of golden light rises over the mountain
The flowering buds spreading wide and opening husks of yellow corn
The shadows of ebony night retreating behind a vale of coming light
The dawning of another morning with bright sunlit rays coming into sight                                                                   

I saw the birth of a sunrise like I have never seen before
The orange haze on the clouds giving away what was to come
The tip of this fiery body slowly emerging from beneath the horizon
A powerful event that marked the beginning for some and the end for others

My heart felt like it was on fire, just like my eyes
I felt all the love I have felt in a lifetime at this single point in time
My eyes open to a new day
My hands searches near me
Towards your warm body's way
The splendor of rising in your arms
Is like a mist of morning
Satisfying the thirst of a blossom


As we approached the door
No exit did I see
It had become a tunnel
Brimming a beacon of happiness
You silencing my fears
As our bodies meshed
There was little strength of letting go
I cling to you
Inhaling your sweet breath
I am spellbound
Hypnotized into our sensual journey
Willing lovers
We join as we have so often before
I always have to catch my breath
Your surrender, always absolute
Your conquest, always complete


With the subtle hum of the world around
A fluttering of closed eyelids
In the brilliance of the morning light
Sigh of breath
As we lay side by side
It was then my love
I knew without a doubt
I wanted to be yours forever

Label: Sun, radiant, heart, fire, sensual, journey
This was first posted by JP Brandano Photography
Thank you so much for this Jim,I will always remember this experience.


  1. the orange sun
    fire burn
    deep breadth in
    you are within
    ora's awakening.

  2. Glad you reposted this. I don't think I saw it first time around. Lovely combination of the words to the pics. there anyway to make the "watermark" smaller? I'd love to experience the photos without the words right thtough it. I understand why, but...

  3. Hi Alpana -

    You always create your work with such passion and imagery that I can only dream of composing. Magical! :)

  4. wow....the fotos are just mesmerizing and so are the words.....
    the gr8 combination of two genius of their respective field....

  5. what light breaks befogged my eyes it is the east from afar? nothing but excellent great post both you and Jim
    thank you both and god bless

  6. Beautiful Mausi..loved it.

  7. It's a perfect combination of words and imagery, I always love your work individually but together it's magical x

  8. Subtle but equally effective..........You ha ve a way with words which I feel is the direct result of the roaming nature of your imagination.

  9. Deadly Romantic,.... especially as the poem moves towards the end.
    And awesome visuals to supplement the feelings


  10. Beautiful Alpana :) I agree with Stuart about the pics..they are stunning, I love them! But the signature on them is a bit distracting and draws attention to their beauty.

    Great post :)

  11. Every time I read this poem I cant help wishing I could experience as much passion and love with someone special. Your poem takes my breath away and leaves me wanting more.Your poem is a perfect blend to Jim's spectacular photos

  12. dreat depiction wit ur words as well as picture..... I "like" it...:):)(I am adicted to facebook)

  13. An awesome combination of two arts . . .
    Jim's photos added an extra romantic flavor to your romantic words

  14. The bright orange color has plenty of meaning once looked in depth.

  15. Gorgeous words coupled with glorious pics. Loved it! :-)

  16. This is really beautiful Alpana and Jim! Wow!!!

  17. Alpana And JB,

    What a combination the two of you are...
    awe-inspiring words with spectacular images..
    Love you girl Sorry It looks like my first comment didn't go through : (

  18. :)) you seem to be so popular ;)


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