Saturday, June 11, 2011

Timelessness....A collaboration

Rimly and I met for the first time, and it was like meeting an extension  of myself…as she always says, “Soul Sister”, we bonded instantly, and I found another “HOME”. We could not have found a better opportunity than this to write together on something we know best….Passion, love, romance…so this is what we did for you all…

              Timelessness....A collaboration


I had given up hope on my love, my lover. Till one day, the unexpected happened. He came back, after all these years, my love, for which I had always yearned for. We both discovered that nothing had changed between us, the love, passion we felt for each other was stronger than before. Holding hands, we walked along a familiar path, the silence of the night speaking for us.The fresh air filling our senses, I am subdued by just being near you. Stimulated emotions, I can hardly bear, while you hold me firmly but sincerely…a silent promise.

In the darkness of the night with only the glow of the moon illuminating our bodies, I feel the warmth of your hand as it covers mine, your moist warm breath on my neck, a finger tracing my cheek, my body tingling with every touch. Uncontrollably I reach for you, aching for your touch, your every move, wanting you to ravish me with your mouth; with uninhibited passion you trace your tongue over my lips gently probing, as it enters my mouth…I kiss you with all my passion and feel your hands move over my body. Straining towards you, I feel your passion for me. Your hands tenderly caress me, exploring every inch of my body, tracing my bare breast with your fingertips…your hand enclosing it.  Slowly lowering your mouth, you kiss with a gentle tenderness, your voyage continues as you cross my navel. You ultimately reach your destination and its untainted bliss. I tilt back my head in sheer ecstasy, sweet pleasure ripping through my body. Fire burning within us, I need you to fill me with yourself. Together, we probe the depths to which we have longed for, giving of ourselves unselfishly, and accepting what the other is offering with openness and trust. We feel the fire ignite as the touching and caressing gain fervor and our bodies ride the waves in unison. With urgency we increase the rhythm of our lovesong. You fill me with your entire being until we explode together with contented exhaustion. Holding you as you take me to the sacred place you promised just moments before…proving to me all over again, that you are the air through which I breathe and move, you are within me, my body fevered and bruised with your kisses. You are my love, my dream, my warmth, and all that I ever wanted. It was then I realized that I was home again.
By : Alpana Jaiswal 

His lips trail
A blaze of fire
Along her contours…
A moan of pleasure
Escape from her
Hungry lips
Into the night breeze
The fire crackles
Coming alive
Its glowing ember
Shimmers on their
Intertwined limbs…
It is as if time
Has become timeless
Nothing has changed
Like the dark canopy
Of twinkling stars,
The ancient trees
With their many secrets
As they gently
Whisper in her ears,
The watery moon
As it looks down upon them,
Her lover of so many
Seasons before
Is ageless…
Surrendering to him
She unfurls in her
Seeking, searching
Her lips wanting more…
As his full mouth
Descends on her
Pink, taut nipples
She gasps in pleasure
Her soft supple body
Arches towards him
In her desire to be taken…
He gazes into her
Fiery eyes, her passion
Burning into him
In them he sees
Her undying love
Holding back no more
He unleashes his passion
As he gently takes her
In all her glory…
The gentle whispering
Trees dance in frenzy,
The twinkling stars
Burn brighter
While the moon smiles
As they celebrate
This reunion of two souls…
With every rhythm
Every thrust
As passion rides
Glimpses of eternity
Flashes across their
Inner being…
Past, present, future
All barriers broken
They cry in unison
As they reach their crescendo
Spent and sated
They lie fused as one
Nothing has changed
Their love remains ageless…

By: Rimly Bezbarahua

Labels: Love, touch, rhythm, timelessness, desire
Picture: Courtesy: Google Images


  1. Remember when it's over to give me the sweetness of your lips upon mine as I slumber. Let me dream of what just was and rise in the morning to caress you again..

    There A

  2. What a great feeling being home again.

  3. wow Alpana ..when I heard you and Rimly were collaborating I knew I wanted to read it. This surpassed even my expectations. Fantastic really wonderful. I would love to collaborate with the two of you at once!! Is their a literary term for that??? :)

  4. Awesome!! :) :) The most Passionate thing i've been through in a LONG time.. Just AWESOME!!

  5. First of all, I desire a wonderful weekend all, in particular this is an awesome blog and shared on FB.

  6. The best collaboration Till date I read,
    Both of you..
    What here created,
    Words that can give life to dead,
    A love shiver ran..
    To toe from my head,
    A lighting bolt effect,
    In front of this,
    Proved just a dim..

  7. Oh soul sis,this is true love I see, I sense and could almost touch. Your words make them so tangible, I could feel it for myself. I crave for such human intimacy...

    Who could move and drive writers and poetess to such passion? And relay them to the readers with equal intensity as well?

    You're both beautiful soul sisters...and I really love you both :*...

  8. Super *Sexy* . . . . I had been waiting from last night to read your post .... And it's as passionate as I thought....

  9. Bravo wow and double wow....Both of you are amazing writers and beautiful people :)

  10. Amazing collaboration - what a combo!!!

  11. Loved the post... full of passion and raw desires, lust and ofcourse love..
    And I liked the concept of collaboration too, might try out someday myself...

    btw I was confused, the way the story goes, they just made out on road :P


  12. I knew this was going to be good and you ladies did not disappoint! Well done on an excellent collaboration!!!

  13. this is what the result you get when two genius meet....:))

  14. Alpana & Rimly,

    A collaboration that should never end...

    If the two of you can awake the passion inside of AJ you have something there. : )

    Who would have thought


  15. Very passionate! Vivid imagery...a great collaboration!

  16. @AJ...I don't know what to say..I am happy it "re awakened" passion in u.
    @Nava...Thank u...
    @Jim..Thank you,Jim...we are always ready to collaborate with u....

  17. @Sulekha...Sulekha,this was like a dream come true,as I have always believed that
    I love and follow just two people....Rimly Bezbarhua and Nithin Jacob.
    @SUB...Thank you.
    @Sumit..I am happy to see you after a long time..thank you.
    @Monu...I know you have a romantic streak in you,and I am happy it was upto your approval.

  18. @Self Taught..Thank you for visiting my blog,and for sharing it.
    @Melissa..I know that you are a passionate woman,you just need to discover u sweetheart.
    @Avil..Thank u

  19. Excellent abstract. I guess this is one of the best posts that I have read lately. The poem adds the beauty to the post. Hope to read such beautiful posts from you again. Keep penning!

  20. Two such skilled writers, two totally passionate ladies, your words reach heights of unbrindled fervour

  21. Alpana, i have read earlier some of your writings, each piece of writing had a depth of its own.. U r such a wonderful writer Alpana, i have read a few, will surely make time to read the rest too, its never vulgar, the sensuous feel is an inborn feel within every human being, which is not easily put into words & even if done so many may not be aroused by the feel of the words, the best part is u made me feel, & sure even others would have felt was an irresistible feel that created in me.. :)

  22. Hi Alpana & Rimly,

    What a wonderfully sensual prose followed by and equally wonderful and sensual poem. Mind blowing collaboration. The raw lust is more than evident here but the lucidity of it all takes one on a special journey satiating the senses thoroughly. Congratulations on a wonderful team effort. I hope to be a regular and follow the future works. Keep rocking, ladies....

  23. Thank you Tushar,for your comment.I am still learning to write,and with Rimly,it was my dream come true.Do come to read,will try to live up to everybody's expectations.

  24. These lines touched me most! Everything said in these lines........expressed the eternal feeling of love.

    "We both discovered that nothing had changed between us, the love, passion we felt for each other was stronger than before."

    "Past, present, future
    All barriers broken
    They cry in unison"

  25. Anuradha HussainJune 13, 2011 at 7:45 AM

    Wow....Surreal Reunion converted to reality with your prose and her verse ...Beautiful :)...Many more to come me hopes !!!

  26. Ladies wow! thank you, so good enough to make me quit writing ;)

  27. sizzlers hot
    smoke on plate
    smelling flakes
    love birds taste
    lip lock,
    words pressed
    up and down
    with motifs
    on the wall
    a painting
    waking up
    the canvas
    fever pitch.

  28. Hello Rimly & Alpana -

    Ladies ladies, whoaaaa. This is the first read of my Saturday morning for me. Rimly, I tried to bribe Alpana to clue me in on this fabulous piece of passionate artwork. She wouldn't budge and made me wait until the unveiling today. LOL, smart and glad she didn't tell me. I love this. WOW, you girls are too hot. Thank you. :)

  29. Alpana and Rimly...this is a union of Passion of the write like the Two Eagles, soaring together...yet linked in mind, doing the Dance..each knowing where the other is at all times. I hope we see more of truly is inspiring. The essence of the hint of a voice whispering in your ear...through the words is tangible..

  30. Alpana and Rimly, the two of you need to meet up more often :) What a wonderful work of art! You two make a great team. Maybe we may see a blog down the road developed by both of you??? Not such a bad idea :)

  31. GOSH ! That was cool as that was HOT !! Awesome both of you ! Sorry for the delay in commenting. But pardon me knowing that this is a manufacturing defect in me. I read, appreciate and then forget to write it !!

    Cheers ! Ayon

  32. passionate and simply beautiful x


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