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Being or feeling alone is one of the saddest places to be. You can have all the luxury in the world, but if you don't have anyone to share it with, you have nothing. The need for human companionship is universal. In ancient times, people stuck together because they literally needed each other to survive. In today's world, we tend to spread out and live more isolated lifestyles. In some ways this is a luxury. In other ways we had it better when we lived in close proximity. Humans are creatures of community and need each other for companionship. I hope and pray that none of my friends ever have to be alone in their lives….


As the starry night watches
I am alone

I know I’ll always be
The meaning is unknown
The light I cannot see
I am trapped within myself
Never to escape,
A book upon a shelf
That no one can read
I wish that none will lead a life
That’s similar to mine
There’s no need for such pain and strife
It proves nothing divine

If you live a life full of love
Then you are why you are  here
Well maybe not exactly
But even if the journey is sincere
It’s worth all the pain

Where it takes us no one knows
And no one ever will
All I know is that it’s right
Righteousness I’ll never feel

As I lay
Here in the open air
Surrounded by dark and shifting clouds
I can still see
My bright star shining
And even when I can't see it
It's always watching me
There for me
Is that my sign of hope?

But why continue the pursuit?
Why live? In this way
I guess I’ll never know
 I guess I can't say

But I continue to persist
To eat, to breath, to sleep
Some things I can’t resist
Some things are sown in deep

I wish the night would never end
The wind flows over me
I hear it say
There's nowhere in the world I have to be
Softly it calls for me
Go to sleep

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  1. All of us alone in some ways or the other. We come to this world alone and we go away from this world alone. But loneliness....that's something I dread and I hope my dear soul sis you were never be alone in that sense. Beautiful poem.

  2. Alpana, I loved what you said at the outset. We have become as a society so distant that sometimes it takes an earthquake or other Godly event to get us to notice each other. It shouldn't be that way. I love how we can connect through our blogs and I wish I could give you a real hug. Your poem touched me. I have felt alone at times, and I'm sure we all have those moments. Know though that the feeling is temporary. You are loved and surrounded even if you can't see it now. Cheers, my dear.

  3. So beautifully written Alpana. Being alone is sometimes a choice by some, but when it is not, it can be heart breaking :(

  4. Beautiful words as usual. the Loneliness in today's society runs rampant. Being elderly in the U.S. almost seems a crime, so shunned are they. Love this.

  5. In this busy world, sometimes we need time to be alone. Well done...

  6. Sleep but make sure you wake and be more than you..


  7. Beautiful...I feel nobody is alone..
    Sometimes the situations makes us feel so :)
    Keep smiling

  8. Alone time. Now there's every bloggers dream. No interruptions, just the flow of your creativity.
    The world wide web with its facebook and twitters have brought friendships and companionship to many lonely people. we as bloggers are part of a wonderful community and can always find someone to talk to. I know its not the same as having someone special in your life, but if that's what someone wants, they have now so many ways of finding their 'special one'.

  9. Personally I believe it is good to be alone at times. You reconnect with that inner being which is important. When I was much younger I hated being alone. I had to be surrounded by people all the time. Now I don´t mind to be alone. But saying that we all need human contact.Life is so much better with that ´special person´around!

  10. I think that being alone is quite different to being lonely. Being alone gives us an opportunity to really know know what our preferences are; to dream our own dreams; to nurture and encourage ourselves...blessings, all.

    Your poetry is always beautiful, Alpana, and this one is, too!

  11. It is better to be alone sometimes. Loneliness then adds beauty to life:sunset seems more russett and night air smells better!

  12. It is better to be alone sometimes. loneliness adds beauty to life:sunset seems more russett and night air smells better!And then you have a bright star for compony!

  13. Oh soul sis, I just can't let this pass til the weekend. I saw this from last night and in more ways than one, you know how are strong our bonds are...

    More often, I think, the loneliness I feel doesn't come from not being surrounded by friends or for not being noticed ... it's this human intimacy that cannot be replaced by a love of a man (or God)...

    I want to be touched...caressed... hugged...kissed...'be with' the person I love.That, I, perhaps, insist too much and perhaps, God wants something else of me at this moment. So I transcend all these needs to Him... or sublime my passions to a greater cause and love of other people (not just on one)...

    But somehow, I felt that your poem has become lighter...gentler with your soul...more understanding...

    I have taken that book in the shelf soul sis...and I read it as you write your page everyday.

    You are loved beyond words (as I always say)...

    and I love you very much...

  14. you are a loving soul. caring and protective. a company who communicates at every level where intelligence of others fail. i have shared all my oneness, togetherness and loneliness with you. my life has never been at such comfort level with anyone else before.

    loneliness is a part of life of every individual one way or the other. we get trapped into this phase by chance and sometimes by choice to know oneself better. i hope the loneliness of the poetess finds the shinning star in open sky among the drifting clouds that she deserves. i wish to be the wind that flows over her till her eyes are filled with sleep to open up with a lovely new day that never makes her feel never lonely again.

  15. Being alone is better than being lonely. Alpana, you can never be lonely with all the friends and loving family members in your life, to cheer you on and keep you smiling :)
    I loved the flow and rhythm of your sensitive and soul stirring poem, great post and take care...

  16. A big hug....even i am a loner....All of us alone in some ways or the other. Sometimes by choice or sometimes life chooses loneliness for us.....

    wish you a happy life ahead....and if any case you will be alone then it should by your choice.....

    have a lonely night sleep is good when you know someone is there to wake up you in beautiful morning....and i know you have your lovely daughter who definitely be there to wake you up from such a sleep...

    Beautiful poem.....

  17. Very beautiful poem, I loved it

  18. Tragedy, sadness, loneliness and despair teach us that life is really a beautiful thing; if it wasn’t we wouldn’t be able to recognize that anything was wrong...... And I agree with Sulekha when she says that Being alone is better than being lonely. Solitude is not solitariness, just as aloneness is not loneliness. Keep the positivity going and seize each moment!

  19. beautiful.......loved it.

  20. Alpana you are so talented have you ever given thought to publishing a book of your poems?? Your words just flow much like a beautiful river!! Amazing!!

  21. I agree with Jim. I'd love to see your work in print. This is another lovely piece of work by you.

  22. being alone is unlike loneliness. i dont think anyone wishes to be lonely ...but there are many who are content being alone. i admire them for i dont have the fortitude in me to lead my life all by myself. nicely done, Alpana.

  23. I feel it is better to be lonely sometimes...required too..

    That is the only time you get to think and be yourself without any interference from anyone.

  24. "With some people solitariness is an escape not from others but from themselves. For they see in the eyes of others only a reflection of themselves".

    - Eric Hoffer

  25. beautiful line, clear interface :):):):)


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