Monday, October 17, 2011


I am me

I know but not completely of how I feel or who I am, I am only me, that is all that I can be, no more, no less. I look ahead but also behind for answers, I see the future but don’t forget mistakes. I am always questioning the unanswerable. 
I am confident but unsure of myself, I am lonely even though I am with people. I am tired but I can’t sleep, I am happy but I am deeply troubled. I am present here but I still feel lost. I am thoughtful without any answers. I am strong but deep inside, I am scared. I am quiet but I still have a lot to say. I stay silent, but I can hear myself screaming. I am colorful in a world of black and white.

I am a mother, and my daughter is my greatest gift. The smiles on her face always give me a lift.
I love and I am loved, but I still want more. I am a loyal and an honest friend, you know that I’ll be there until the end. I am romantic, sensual, and passionate too. I love, I laugh, and I live and cry, I am not perfect, I do have my faults. I’m not as forgiving, as I’d sometimes like to be, because when I hurt, I hurt deeply. My logic is all my own, at times misunderstood, because I don’t always do things for my own good.
I have many facets you see…
I am all this
I am only me
I am me....

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  1. We are all imperfectly you for what you are.

  2. you are are perfect just as you are ..loving you..AS always....XOXOXOXOO

  3. I liked d attitude n its straight from ur heart.
    U r a brave soul alpana n wid all these hardships u r now shining more as U.

    With my best wishes n blessings!!


  4. A gem has to have many facets!

  5. Being oneself is wat that matters.. the rest is life.. lots of love.. <3

  6. The beauty of you is as with us all is in the imperfections.Love to you always.

  7. All of this is what makes you, a wonderful human being.

  8. There is only one you, thats why your so precious ;)

  9. Thank goodness you are not me :)

    We love you as you are


  10. It's a collage of thoughts. I loved it. There are few things that I was able to relate as well. Excellent stuff.

  11. You are unique and special and loved, Alpana.

  12. Hello.
    I'm visiting from the group Blogger by Passion.

    You are you indeed. Regardless of your imperfections, you are unique. We were all created equal, but we all have our own characteristics. Never change who you are.

    Nicely expressed.

    Bashful Lady

  13. love you with all your imperfections and perfections. you are unique.

  14. You are only you. A wonderful writer. A great lady. a good friend. I am merely me, an excellent life coach, and friend to you. I love skyping when coaching, and love even more to help a friend in need. I am me who does that for friends for nothing more than being a friend! Theres a hint in there.

  15. I love how you define yourself. Not everybody could put oneself perfectly into words. And somehow verbalizing who you are, gives you a sense of who you are truly deep inside. Only you could and would recognize all these things in you. I admire you for such. You don't have to be anybody else...

    You are loved just the way you are :)


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