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What Does the Light of One Little Candle Mean to Me….Love

Roy Durham is author of Roy's Garage Sell and Auction.  He also is the creator of the Poe-a-tree Hop.  This Hop's theme is “What does the light of one little candle means to you?”

If you would like to participate, jump in and be sure to leave your link at Roy's site on his linky tool so we can all enjoy your contribution!

What Does the Light of One Little Candle Mean to Me….Love

And I will light a candle for you
To shatter all the darkness we have know
Like a beacon in the night
The flame will always burn bright 
I will light a candle
And see it glow
Watch it dance
When you feel low
Think of me
Think of the light
I'll always be there with you

The candle will always flicker
Maybe out of sight
But in your heart
It will still burn bright
Love is like a candlelight

Glowing in the dark
The warmness kindles
From a tiny spark
A gentle word like a spark of light
Illuminating my soul
And as each beam of light gets brighter
It's you that makes me whole

There is no corner, no dark place
Your love cannot fill
And if the world starts causing waves
It's your flame of love that will make them still
And yes you always speak to me
In sweet honesty and truth
I love the way I love you
Like a love I can't control
So remember whenever your eyes meet mine
I will love you with all my heart
And I have given my entire soul to you
Right from the very start

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  1. yes love is like a candle it is the candle that burn with in, let it shine god bless

  2. beautiful and forever....As always...XOXOXOXOXO

  3. @Anna...Thank u for your words of praise and motivation in the means a lot to me.

  4. @Roy...thank u..I can never refuse to do anything for u always.

  5. @Bonnie...You always like what I write..and I love u.

  6. Sometimes Alpana, your words leave me no words to say :)

  7. @Mary...thank u...I know what u mean...

  8. Amazing! It's like a love poem to God - His light ever flickering within us . . .

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful composition!


  9. Alpana, this is truly beautiful, just like you! I so admire how you can evoke such gorgeous images with your have a wonderful talent.

    This lovely poem lifted my heart and made it sing! Thank you <3

  10. Hello.
    Love is a magical feeling. You express it beautifully here.

    Thanks for sharing & for your visit/comment. They are greatly appreciated.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In the Stillness Of Dawn

  11. This is a sheer master class. i loved each line of it. Great work!

  12. Such a wonderful anthem for love, Alpana. You're getting better and better, sweetheart! ♥

  13. Loved this Alpana. Love is like the light of a candle that keeps you warm and loved. Beautiful

  14. Loved this! The lines that stuck out, among many , were:

    And if the world starts causing wavesIt's your flame of love that will make them still.

    Simply beautiful!

  15. I am speechless...You described the best what one little candle could mean. :)


  16. This candle is a picture of your own bright light Alpana! You glow in the dark and light the paths of many.

  17. Indeed it is amazing how a tiny spark could fill a dark room bright and create fire ~ love.

    It is such a beautiful theme that Roy has chosen and you gave it a wonderful representation... the closest figure I could ever give a candle :)

    Loved it :)


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