Thursday, December 22, 2011

I love my life because it gave me you……I love you because you are my life

I love my life because it gave me you……I love you because you are my life

What is love? How do we define it? Does it necessarily center on romantic love? On romance, on marriage, on commitment, on those ever evasive happily-ever-after every human being continuously seeks? Nobody really understands love. Not the scientists and certainly not all poets. Love defies understanding because it is never the same for any of us. It seems to be Universal. It seems to be Timeless. But, those are just illusions because even though love is something we all experience, it's also something we all experience differently. Love is an individual experience, filtered by our own lives and expectations. No one really understands love because it's a very different thing for each of us.
I found my love when I thought I was just not capable of it, today he is my best friend, and what more can I ask for….

All my life I had built up a fantasy
Of the perfect man
Countless romance stories and fables
Helped make that fantasy a reality in my mind
Searching for that mirage lead to many disappointments
Reality made it clear that there was no such man
And as the years went by
The fantasy started to fade away until I met you
I had almost given up on my dreams
 Until my fantasy became reality
And that reality became you
Here I sit, thinking of you
Your unique and special qualities amaze me
Your smile
Your mind
Your voice and its beautiful sound
Your eyes
Your ability to cheer me up
When you see that I am down
My feelings for you go beyond that of words
And at first it didn't seem real
But that just taught me a lesson
In doubting what I feel
It seems I dreamed you into life
And the reason for my existence today
Nothing compares to you
You're so very special in every single way
I need your guiding hand
For all that I go through
I just want you to know
I'll always love you
Through thick and thin I'll stay
From the blinking of the sun
To the fading of the day
And in the night I'll hold you
Till the sun appears
I'll take away your sorrows
And cast away your fears
Just take my hand within you
And I'll love you ever more……

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  1. A poem dripping with words of love, devotion and affection. A true romantic at heart can only write such a wonderful ode to love, "love you evermore...beautiful."

  2. Beautiful, Alpana. Loved the poem, but the words of introduction were a much more powerful assertion for me! May your love grow more and more beautiful each day!

  3. "Love is an individual experience"

    Well said.

  4. Love is beautiful when we find it..whether it's a partner..a special friend..whoever it's special..and when you find it..never take it for granted ..hold on to it you...As always...XOXOXOXOXO

  5. WoW! I wonder how it feels to be the person you wrote this for. AMAZING is my guess.

    I agree that love means different things to everyone. If we could all agree on that one idea we might be kinder to each other.

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and heartfelt passions!

  6. @Corinne: thank u for your wishes,coz i know you really want the best for me.

  7. @Bonnie: Yes Bonnie,you are right,love can be of different kinds,and we should consider ourselves lucky if we get it in any form.

  8. @Linda: Thank u...I will ask the concerned person as to how he feels about it,he hasn't read it as yet...but I want to say something,I feel blessed to have him in my life.

  9. True love is always beautiful...wish and pray u get it soon

  10. A truly beautiful message and tribute. Your love shines through in every word, Alpana.

    Many blessings to you and your love.

  11. @Becky:Thank you,its great to see u back...u are an inspiration to many of us here.I need your good wishes always.

  12. Love is always with in you. A person for whom you had fallen is just a medium which you feel, is tuned to love with in you. Medium can be wrong, but love cannot be.....this I copied from my fb wall posted by a friend. I believe in love and well, I love love....and your poem is just beautiful. All the best.

  13. @Janu: Thank you...I know what you mean,you can't go wrong in love.

  14. Wonderful poetry yes no one can understand love completely coz its an ocean n morever no need to understand u just need to FEEL LOVE...

    God Bless U always!!


  15. @Mani: Yes,each of us have our own definition of love.
    Thanks a lot!

  16. You have described in your poem exactly how I feel about my Danny. I think you understand love in the deepest, most thoughtful of ways.
    Blessings to you!

  17. @Martha:True love is only true when the feeling is mutual. Yet, it need not be expressed in words. When love is true, you just feel it.
    I am happy you feel the same about your love...Thank u.

  18. Beautiful poem. I definitely don't think love is exclusive to romance...In fact, sometimes romance can be a mask for mere lust...other times it can be raw and potent, of God Himself, uniting two into one. It is definitely universal. :)

  19. Love is magical, mystical. Love can make us do anything for our loved one. I am so happy you have found that in someone Alpana. Be happy and keep feeling that love in you.

  20. The way you write can make one feel love in every word! Brilliant poetry..

  21. That is Good News soul sis! I'm sooo happy for you.

    I loved every line you wrote here esp. the first one. So it really just happens without forcing it to nor looking for it too much.

    May God bless your relationship. I wish you both all the best :)

  22. I truly wish I had a talent for words as you do. This is beautiful so full of love and devotion. Love is something I didn't think would ever exist in my life, not just with a man, but within my family as well. It has found me , but only when I was willing to open my heart.

  23. full of emotions, lucky is the man,you LOVE......

  24. So beautiful so touching.. so real and so true.. words can not express the pristine beauty of this poem.. so similar to the story of my life.. "I dreamt you into my life.."

  25. Hello Alpana.
    You have captured the essence of love beautifully. Almost brings me to tears. Now you understand why I always say I exist in the image of love, for love is what I am.
    No more words...I'll just immerse myself in yours.
    Thank you for this treasure.

  26. @Jessica: Yes u are right,love does not only mean romance...I am fortunate to have been blessed with different types of love.

  27. @Rimly:Thank u...You know me in and out..what more can I say.

  28. @Rahul:I have always been a die hard romantic person...Thanks a lot.

  29. @Melissa:Thank u..and I know that your words are sincere.

  30. @Jan: I had given up on all possible emotions,withdrew myself into a shell...but I have been blessed with love.

  31. @Punam:Thank you...I am touched.

  32. @Andy:No one has given me a better review than you have...I consider you to be one of the most romantic writers in our blogging world..and these words of yours hold a lot to me..I am deeply honored.

  33. Beautiful... You are right, love is never the same for all.. We all experience love in different ways..Yet your words say entirely those things which I feel for S.. So somewhere afterall love is the same :)

  34. One of the most beautiful poems I have read, filled with love and heartfelt emotions. :)

  35. I am so glad you found your perfect man.While talking of perfection ,i am sure you would like to read my views of "The perfect personality"

  36. really heart touching lines; it gave me lot of understood things..thanx a lot..;):)

  37. love: Yes,love is the same for all.

  38. @Akshay: Thank you for your words of appreciation.

  39. @ jeeteraho: Thank you,and it was a pleasure to read your post.


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