Wednesday, December 21, 2011

She will be Okay….

My dear friend Sulekha Rawat wrote this for me when I lost my sister on the 24th of Feburary,2011.
Thank you Sulekha…

She will be Okay….
A dear friend suffered a personal tragedy yesterday and my heartfelt sympathies are with her and the bereaved family. I spoke with her today and am so relieved to know that my friend will be okay, how do I know this, you ask? I know, because she is a strong woman, all women are built this way; they show their steely resolve to face all odds and come out a winner. She is not only a sister but also a daughter, mother, aunt and guardian all rolled into one brave soul. She has lost a dear sister but not her love; she cannot see her but can definitely feel her presence and unconditional love and support always. She will be okay because she knows she has to look after the loved ones left behind and be a pillar of strength for them. She has to console and comfort the old and nourish and protect the young, she will be okay because she loved her sister so much that her going away has made her realize how much real and true love means to a person. She will definitely miss her but she will remember her with a smile and happy tears in her eyes, remember the happier times spent together and the love they shared. May her sister’s soul rest in peace and may God give my friend the strength to carry on. God Bless us all.

February 25 at 4:47pm



  1. Hello.
    I am sorry for your loss Alpana. I have 3 sisters of my own whom I love dearly. I cannot even begin to imagine my life without them in it.

    There will be times when you remember your sister & you will feel sad & perhaps cry, but even though she is no longer with you, the memory of her will always remain in your heart & she lives on in her children who are a blessing to you. Keep courage Alpana. God will guide you. He will give you the strength & courage to continue on when it feels like you might stumble.

    Sulekha's is a wonderful friend. Her words are a comforting tribute.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Alpana heartiest wishes are with you though we would have not spoken anyime but then the feelings and pain is so felt here...

    @Sulekha- This is a beautiful gesture who have showed beyond words.


  3. Alpana...You are a strong woman and Sulekha...your words are just awesome! Whatever you have written has come from your heart and with your experience of own loss....hats off to you both! Keep inspiring.

  4. Loss of a sister can never be fully forgotten. The letter so beautifully conveys the strength that has to be mustered to take care of the responsibilities of the one who passed away. A caring gesture by Sulekha..

  5. Thanks a lot for sharing these awesome words by Sulekha here....

    indeed much appreciated gesture by her.....

    God bless,

  6. Sulekha is one of the best people I met in the net. Her sincerity extends through the words she uses in her posts. I love the way she expresses herself freely. Her words are soothing ~ music to my ears actually.

    This letter is heartfelt and I embrace you soul sis. I felt your've always talked about your sister...

    I agree with Sulekha when she wrote that you'll be okay...she's okay and that you are a very strong woman.

    Loving you soul sis...and am always with you in prayers...

  7. Alpana, When I read my words they feel so inadequate to console you. I had lost my father on 8th Jan 2010 and am still reeling under the shock so I know how you must be feeling. Love and prayers to you and your family.

  8. Ms.Alpana and Ms. Sulekha,
    Though I don't know you personally, you both seem to be strong women and God will surely boost your strength to overcome the loss of a dear sister. My heart is with you.
    -Autumn Eliza

  9. You are an inspiring person Alpana. I thank Sulekkha for this letter, so sweet of her to write such a nice letter. God bless both of you. :)

  10. Sulekha knew and she was right. You have been so strong Alpana. I admire your spirit and resolve to move ahead in life with hope and optimism. Love you

  11. Precious, consoling, healing words . . .
    So sorry for your loss, Alpana.
    Love and blessings always,

  12. Very inspiring and touching. Love, prayers and blessing to both of you.

  13. The loss of a sister would be hard to bare, know you have someone in your life such as Sulukha to help you through is a true blessing. You are both wonderful loving women. Thank you for sharing this intimacy with us. It gives me strength as well.

  14. Alpana,i understand how you feel.This is the hardest part of growing in years-we have to go through such tragedies--loosing loved ones on the way.Age & health of the departed soul blunts it somewhat but the pain comes back in waves from time to time.You are the first one i am telling on the net--i lost my mother on 4th Dec at age 101,in 4 months she would have been 102,but life was not a pleasure for her any more,so i have accepted it.May God save us all from such tragedies.


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