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  I believe if I have a dream, I must first believe in myself only then can I make it come trueeven when deep down inside I don’t hear the words of encouragement…I believe  my heart will show me the way...I believe in the impossible, hold tight to the incredible, and live each day as it comesso that one morning I will wake up to find I am the person I dreamt of...
 I believe everyone has their own story to tell…I believe no matter how lonely I will never show...I believe I must hold my head up high and keep goingI believe if I cry aloneI have compassion for others and myself...I believe in the power of change find a better life...I believe in pain as well as in healing...that the unbelievable happens to those who believe in themselves...I believe  there is someone up there who believes in me...always...

I believe when there is darknesssomewhere there will be a beacon of light guiding metowards something bright…I believe there is a morning after every dawn which eagerly awaits me for something new...I believe in reaching out for the stars, even though it sounds difficult…I believe someday the stars will reach out to me...

I believe I can fly 
I believe I can touch the sky
I think about it every night and day 
spread my wings and fly away
I believe I can soar
I see me running through that open door
I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly, I believe I can fly”

-( Lyrics from the song ‘I Believe I can Fly’ by R. Kelly)

I believe if I can give comfort and touch someone from my heartgiving a part of myself and sharing it with those who need it, will only bring me joy...I believe each one of us has a purpose in lifeand that I have to make a difference to those who matter most and to others I may not know...I believe  by doing so, even if it means not giving the best of my selfI can still bring a change to others...I believe when I have no more to give...but if someone reaches out to meI will find the strength to help...

  I believe if enduring pain, bearing shame, despising oneself for the sake of affection and accepting misery without a question is the definition of LOVEthen I rather not be in love...
I believe love is to love me without fear, trust me without questioning, need me without demanding, want me without restrictions, accept me without change, desire me without inhibitionswill be the reason for me to love and hold on to it forever...I believe when I say forever...I mean every day till I am alive...I believe when I say alwaysI mean until time ended...I believe when I say I love youI mean I have given you my all...

I believe I shall succeed...I believe my troubles are a passing phase...I believe darkness will give way to light...I believe there is destiny for me and you...I believe living is the best experience...I believe someday everything will be alright...

I believe  life is for living and I am living it...
I believe love is for giving and I am giving love...
I believe  hearts are for beating and mine beats too...
I believe dreams are to be turned into reality…

  Alpana Jaiswal
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  1. Thank you are responsible for you.

  2. Very nicely written..

  3. I wish I could believe like that! I'm still trying to get there.

    Love n Hugs

  4. Thanks Alpana for ur beautiful post

  5. Very well written Mausi...nd I am sure life will rock!!! If u believe n believe wid ur Paul Coelho says..the universe will conspire to When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it!!!

  6. It made me cry.. :'( can u write something so beautiful..??
    it is so inspiring
    and it is magnificent..
    YOU are me..
    Love You for giving us such wonderful things to read :)

  7. One step ahead and 2 steps back,I am walking on a topsy turvy track. A moment to smile and hours of blue, and some moments just too good to be true. Searching for a light above my head
    giving up things that I always dread. In that silent storm,I hear a voice, telling me to make a choice. Inspite of the hurdles,big or small,I know I can bear it all. With arms open wide,I stand steady, I say,"bring it on God,I am ready!"
    Yes,I smile inspite of the despair, because I am happy that I don't care. I stopped breaking down and asking for help. I stopped waiting for love because I found it in myself. And I see an opened gate with every piece of art I create. There's nothing pulling me down from where I stand,till I have the mighty pen in my hand......THIS ONE IS FOR YOU....Aunty!!!

  8. @Anita: Thank you..Keep in touch.
    @Seema: Love you always.
    @Sandy: This is hard to digest from someone who tells me to believe in are a fighter,and you will u.
    Jidhu: Thank you..for everything...
    Akanksha: When I have kids like you in my life, I don't think I need to worry too you sweety.
    @Aditi: If I had another baby... I would have asked God for are a very important part of my life..thank you for understanding me and standing by know that I really love you.

  9. When you follow your dreams...doors will open where, youwould not have thought there would be doors. Love you lots, Alka.

  10. I Believe tooooooooo.......... start dreaming again girl.... this time round, let them twirl around you...... not asking you to be selfish.... just thoughtful..... !!!!! remember 'U' existed before 'Us' ...... and because of 'U' there is 'Us'.... May your belief in yourself gain strength from day to day... lots of love...

  11. Dear Alpana. A very well written blog. Want to share with you a verse from The Bible -
    Jesus said to him, "If you can believe, all things are possible to him who believes." Mark 9(23).
    Looking forward to next ones coming. Take care.

  12. @Alka di: Thank you..I know you are always with me,I am truly blessed to have a family like you all.
    @Carolaan: I love you..thanks for being a part of my life.
    @Roshan: Thank you..for being there for me..for bearing up with me in my difficult are very special.

  13. Alpana......good one your dreams always... dream big...always...because you are God's loved child....Fortune favours the brave.Cheers!!

  14. a very positive attitude,keep up the good work

  15. I must learn to be more like you Alpana - this is great!!!

  16. I see a change ....You get better with every post ...god bless!!!I'm really happy with the change, believe me it will do wonders to your life and just in case I havent told u ,you are looking really nice....My pretty neighbour from Kalimpong!!

  17. We all have our ups & downs & grapple with finding solutions..sometimes with no success..this is a wonderful way of dealing with your stress & sharing your thoughts with all of helps you n all those who read them. As Sachi said, keep writing.
    Pram di

  18. "I BELIEVE"...If so I want to say that belief is as good as your faith in it and belief can never exist without contradictions....
    I am not against you as you might think, I am responding to what is written there... My response is on the whole where I find a lot of contradictions....
    You have written well and presented it well, but my comment is on your earlier posts as well..

  19. @Sanjib: Thank you.
    @Nandini:Thanks a lot...I need you always.
    @Kirti: I am so happy to know someone like you..I am sure we will always be good friends.
    @Sachi: Thank you..for everything..I really wish we could meet sometime,its been years...anyway, I need all your support.
    @Pramilla di: You are someone I have always looked upon you..and I know you will be there for me...Thank you!
    @Vijay: If you were not such a good friend, I would have written something else..I appreciate your comment and will see to it that I don't contradict myself always..I will ask Rita..what she believes in..then we will see..

  20. Thanks a lot Dipti..

  21. Very Good and lovely thought.
    This is giving a lot of Positive energy to think and believe..

  22. good going we've got used to look forward to your posts so don't let us down.

  23. Looking 4wd to the next article on 'Motifs....'Our teachers from SJC must b so proud of u....wish Sister Mary Doyle(our dear Sr.Tarcicius)could've seen u blossom into the seasoned writer that u r today!Love n'prayers,Dorjee.

  24. I believe someday the stars will reach out to me...

  25. Very well done blog and Post especially, I Truly believe that dreams are achievable, my moto in life is Dream it, Believe it, Take Action and Achieve it, and this article sums it all up, Thank you for it

  26. Thank you for your compliments...hope to live up to your expectations....@Vineet,@Reshma,@Dorjee,@Dinesh,@Bilal.


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