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If only men knew now to romance women....she is not as tricky as most feel.…Loving her is easy….its how she wants to be loved that make things a little difficult for men to understand. Women differ from men when it comes to“LOVE”…..she can be demanding….they are easy to fulfil, if a man tries….all she wants is happiness at the end of the day, which every man needs.

I am not claming that a woman is perfect, she has her flaws too….but she is capable of giving and sharing more love and care, than a man can. A woman is a mystery, and no matter how much a man tries, he will never be able to reach her inner self…. Failing very often, not making the effort, because most men think that they are…God’s Gift To Women.

It is difficult for a man to look beyond the physical appearance of a woman…to love her is much more than that. For a woman, romance is looking into her soul, and being convinced that not only is she wanted for her outward beauty, but is also desired for what she is within. A woman wants her man to genuinely feel for her, love her and when she is open with her response, he expresses his unconditional feelings of love to her….letting her know that he can make her happy. There is a difference between “being a lover in love, and being just a love maker”. Any man can become a lover, but a woman wants a man who can look into her eyes as a lover and not as a love maker.

She wants a real man, whom she can trust, respect her, treat her with dignity and honour, cherish her….and the right man who can make her feel like a complete woman…..not the one thing….the score. Romance for a woman is being reassured, which certainly does not mean, saying “I LOVE YOU” 24x7”….its more of showing through simple gestures. She wants to be to heard, and understood, even though it maybe non-verbal, she needs to feel wanted, made to feel special….that touch which will affirm her….she is his woman, and not just a human being, but a woman who is to be treasured with love and tenderness.

For a woman, romance means forever….not a passing phase, which dies down with time….Romance for her is to love her truly with all her imperfections, her mistakes in  life, and in return, she will give her man the world….all of her….all of her heart…. all of her soul. When her man will give her an unexpected smile, she will give him her undivided attention, when he will laugh, she will laugh with him, when he is low, she will hold   him…and when her man tells her that he loves her, she will give him her very existence and be his forever….


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  1. Me first?

    anyway , another wonderful post from Alpana Mam.

    I didn't love a girl. I like some girls. But I didn't love. I like to love them, but the same reason : "The mystery " behind the girl. I don't know what she expect from a man. Every woman have different perspective and true love is impossible to most of them.

  2. Another great post on relationships. And very true. Men need to respect women and treat them at par with themselves, its only then that they can find true love. :)

  3. how true sweetheart...if only!!!!! ....again beautifully expressed

  4. This is one hell of a write up...men do need be to more sensitive to women...the world would be a happier place to live in...you have once again proved your caliber as a writer....keep going strong...get used to getting more accolades...as there are plenty more going to come!!!!

  5. Yes Alpana , if only....

  6. When a man loves a woman, He should treat her with the respect she deserves, love and care for her, because even though she is weak, she can be his strongest link, she is the mother of his children, the wife, the lover, the best friend, the sweetest creation, but also women have to do right by their men to gain such a relationship, love and respect goes both ways, Relationships are Give and Take, Notice Give comes first :)


    All the Best Alpana

    Always InService

  7. Beautiful writing..I wish every man would read it......

  8. Every woman's dream...expressed so well. Keep up your good work, it makes people think....

  9. I agree..Men are not as sensitive in comparison with women...Very well done!

  10. Very true,loved your style of writing!

  11. Every woman can relate to this...really loved it, sweetheart..Keep writing.

  12. Inspite of having lived in a woman's womb for 9 months, a man does not understand a waman...she is not complex at all...she is intense, deep and yet very open. One just needs the sight and the patience to study her, to know her, to love her. Beautifully written and very aptly expressed Alpu. Keep up the good work...!

  13. Alpu Di, all ur article are wonderful, especially the one "I BELIEVE....HAVE YOU ENCOURAGED YOUR DREAMS TODAY?" Itz really encouraging .. as Anila di said I cannot ignore all the rest,they all r awesome n every article has a hidden meaning in it. .. sorry for a late reply .. was bg wid loads of wrk but must tell u inspire lady .. of all ages .. keep up the spirit :) ♥♥♥

  14. Thank you..I am happy that even men have related to this post..
    @Jidhu..Thank you for always reading what I write..and appreciating my work.
    @Satwinder..I consider myself honoured, to have someone as talented like you to even read my posts...will look forward to your visits.
    @Seema..Thank you darling..for everything.
    @Anila di..You will like anything I write,still, thank you..I need you always.
    @Sulukshana..Thank you..21years, and we can still connect.
    @Bilal..Thank you for being my friend,and I know I can count on you for anything.
    @Urvashi..Thank you.
    @Reema..Glad,we think alike..Thanks.
    @Rohit..Thank you.
    @Andrew..Thank you.
    @Ajay..Thanks a lot.

  15. @Daniel..Thank you..for reading and appreciating my write up..
    @Radhika..Thank you..keep in touch.
    @Alka di..Thank you..I know you could have done a better job than this..
    @Kavya..I am flattered..Thank you.

  16. What you have written is true, but understand, both men and women are gifts to each other and love is never complete unless one understand their own inner self...

  17. Very true.... But But there are exceptions my dear.

  18. Hi Alpana after a long time i'm on the net and i've now read all three of your last posts and let me tell u you're doing a great job.Your writings are simple and every women will feel related to it,its what we all feel but at times can't express so u are being our voice.

  19. Mausi your article is very nice.. U shud read the novel men are from mars and women from venus...

  20. Wonderfully written Alpu..so true..if only men could understand that a woman does not want too much from him..just a few loving words from him gives her all the energy to do everything for him..if only..!!

  21. Agree with @Alka Jaiswal - where men fail to recognize depth, intensity, passion and openness, they look for way too many motives. Romance a woman's heart and soul and you have her forever....consider her a material possession, it doesn't work the same way. More than anything else, if one doesn't (be it men or women) give a relationship the due importance and attention it deserves there will never be a stage where you find perfection in imperfections.
    And yea...the song really is one of my favourites.


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