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People say that we never forget our first love and feelings will always remain. Remember your first love? Do you still have feelings towards him/her? Does it go away with time? For me, it never has, and will never be…. 
There's nothing like the first love. You've never had these feelings before and you imagine that no one else has ever felt this way about anybody. Your man or woman is the greatest thing that has happened and you want to be with them all the time. Your senses become alive as you fall in love for the first time. You're not even thinking of the possibility that you may break up because that has never happened to you before. First love is filled with the optimism that you will be together forever.
Love is difficult to define. How do you avoid confusing it with infatuation or lust? Philosophers and psychologists have attempted to define love, at least its difference from infatuation and lust. But can one truly define what love is without experiencing it? Not even an experienced person can truly grasp or explain love to its truest and deepest meaning. Its concepts are just a never ending story of an open book of experiences. But love does lie in one's heart, where memories are but shadows lingering in your soul. Love is giving someone the power to break your heart, but trusting them not to.

I always believe that my first love is my last, and my last love will be my first. Falling in love is the most natural and the least harmless kind of drug like effect. Yes, it’s not a mural, it never looks in the future, in fact it may have no future but it gives life some spirit of freshness and youthfulness. Falling in love is a strong instinctive attraction to the person of the other sex. And there is nothing like it if it’s mutual and both lovers will work at their relationship, that one day the feeling can grow into love. 
My first love has a part of my heart that no one will ever have. We dated for a very short period, and then what I felt was not in the true sense “love”, and we then decided that being friends were better for us. But to remember my first love…I felt euphoric, couldn't stop smiling, my mind was totally focused on him, and I couldn't wait until I heard from him again. I used to get this warm fuzzy feeling all over, and nothing else seemed to matter. I enjoyed this feeling; embraced it, because it only happens ONCE. You'll remember your "first love" for the rest of your life. I am happy today, to know him all over again, we don’t talk as much as we want to, because of the moves and changes that we both have made, he will always be considered my best friend, no matter where we are or where we go. We have been through relationships, hate, anger, love and everything in between. I suppose you don’t just throw that away if you are ever lucky enough to have it once again. It feels amazing, well it gives a comfortable feeling. It's just that I can feel I can be myself around him….bare my soul to him. Sure, we two may fuss and fight and times say bad things about each another, but at the end of the day, neither of us wants to go on carrying a stupid grudge. I may not talk on the phone every single day but when I do, it's like I fall in love with him, over and over again.
Although both of us have tried.... we have realized that somewhere, sometime, we might have some kind of a future together, after all we have been friends for 20+ years....Falling in love is crazy, it very physical, it’s when knees are getting weak and temperature rises, love is calm, comfortable feeling….and thankfully I have experienced both. 
My dear friend Maria mentioned that "there CAN'T BE any relation among human beings if it is not founded on FRIENDSHIP.....friendship is the very first STEP of every human relationship = mutual understanding, feelings,warmth, sweetness, reliability.....these are the very basis of every good human relation..:!! ♥♥♥"

                                                       A friend is someone we turn to 
                                                      when our spirits need a lift,
                                                    A friend is someone we treasure,
                                                   for our friendship is a gift.
                                                 A friend is someone who fills our lives
                                                with beauty, joy, and grace
                                              And makes the whole world we live in
                                             a better and happier place....By Maria Angela Manente

Why is your first love the hardest relationship to get over? Not solely is it onerous but you carry those reminiscences of your past love with you for the remainder of you life. It doesn’t matter in the event you’re in is a brand new relationship or it’s ten years later, for some purpose the relationship you shared together with your first love will be the memories you share with your youngsters if they should ever ask, who was your first love. You can be extremely pleased in a brand new relationship and run into an ex from your past and it isn’t an enormous deal, however for those who run into your past love, you get these butterflies in your stomach that you just want would just go away. It can get disturbing that this particular person still has that impact on you. People who have moved on from their past love can agree that the feelings we had for our past love, we will never really feel again for some other person.
They don’t name first love for nothing. You never hear about your second love or your third love and it is as a result of you possibly can fall in love again however it should never be like your first love. What is so wonderful about the feelings and emotions you are feeling in your first love is that it’s the first time ever experiencing love, the primary time to simply be head over heels about a person, the primary time to essentially care about a person more than you do yourself.
Love is a complicated thing, but love can mean a lot of things to people. Look inside your heart, and think with your brain. It can be love if you were in love with that person, or if you are just thinking about the sex part, than it is something else. I know that if a person has a first love or that person they just always thought was the one, than it's hard to let go. Lot's of people have feelings for their ex, it's normal. It not just one person that we can fall for in love, with in the world, there are many, just be happy to find that one and keep it close to your heart. Don't get lust or love confused, if you're thinking about that person and miss him being around, than its love. 

Relationships go through three stages of love: the initial feelings of lust or romantic feelings, physical attraction, and finally a deeper emotional attachment. Reaching the final stage of love isn't just about luck …its unconditional acceptance of each another. Love isn't just a vehicle that brings happiness and contentment to your life (or bitterness and pain!). Love is a living, dynamic creature that changes, grows, and needs attention, and you must nurture it. In all three stages of love, your love reveals who you really are, in all your glory and weakness. All stages of love can help you accept your strengths and weaknesses. You are my life, you are the only thing I would hate to loose, I promise to love you forever....each and everyday of forever....after all, what is more important in the end, than love?
"The first time you fall in love, it changes your life forever, And no matter how hard you try, The feelings never go away"….By Numiii

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  1. Alpana, I can not say I remember my first love, I am 54 now, maybe my memory fails me. Or, it could be that I have the Love of my life as my wife and she truly is my first and only love! Anyway, it is funny , talking relationships! I am starting a relationship marketing month on my Blog at Link Share Forums, drop by and leave a comment!http://gsccos.com/members/upload

  2. Beautiful. We all have had our first love and they will always find a special place in our heart. Loved it Alpana

  3. "Love is a living, dynamic creature that changes, grows, and needs attention."...yes love makes us FREE individuals who believe in their own potentialities: strenghts and weaknesses...it doesn't matter how we call it First Love or second love...."REAL LOVE" gives us a Glory that comes from our soul, from our heart. Let's preserve our soul to welcome "LOVE" when it will happen..let's keep a little part of our soul INNOCENT, VIRGIN...in this way when love will arrive in all its MAJESTY we will be able to "share" the best part of ourselves.! I thank you ALPANA for your words...meeting you was a real blessing even for me...I wish from the very bottom of my heart that you may preserve and nurture that little, pure part of your soul to "TRUE LOVE"....♥♥♥

  4. unforgetable.......

  5. Loved your article Alpana, brought back memories of days gone by and lovely friends, a special someone...love makes you come alive, love makes you a better person...love is the pits and love is life..:)

  6. Hi,Alpu,been following your blog without fail,u are one amazing lady..with grey cells in abundance...don't ever let them fade or diminish.

  7. Very poetic,took me back to my school days,with her photo in my subconscious view,loved it.

  8. Your an amazing women..great insights...I think that maybe we do not realize who our first true love is. Who we think our first love is, more then likely is the first person we were infatuated with or in lust with. We actually find out later that our first loves come to us when we are ready to accept it and nuture it

  9. Maria Angela ManenteFebruary 1, 2011 at 9:56 PM

    ‎@Alpana ....your post is one of the most beautiful posts i have ever read.....believe me...hope you will accept my COMMENT...!

  10. Very nice Alpu...they say love happens when your souls recognise each other from another life....not sure that's always such a good thing...but there is some history always....

  11. Nice post Alpana.........Brought back old memories

  12. yeah! as it's our first we never forget ;)

  13. Loved it ALpana! Look at Mr Big and Carrie : ) They had to end up together didn't they --- i know that's a lame one but its a romantic example...

  14. First love, oh yes, I think that is something none of us can forget. In a lot of ways, all the loves that come after are compared to the first one!

  15. Its as fresh as a dewdrop!!!Awesome!So well defined;absolutely true.But isn't it difficult to accept?I'm a over possessive person;I take my relations as my property;my mom,my dad,my bros,my boys n my friends.......all mine!!Only mine!!!Thank God,I didn't marry orelse he would have been suffocated with my luv!Ha....ha.....God bless u sweetie.

  16. Cannot forget a girl I loved, but did not love me back. She is either married or late now. I have been married 17 years to a woman I met 20 years ago, but she is unforgettable.

  17. Hi Aparna,

    Well , diffrent people different perspective that what we hear. But If I think on my ground , I always felt it.
    our 1st love is always 1st above all as its made us 1st believe we are in love and we did reciprocate it..
    That y love is essence of life and force behind everything wonderful.
    Love has got no boundaries it is seamlessly infinite.
    one thing that hurts a lot if your partner break your trust.
    Love never dies it only keep changing it course in the Journey of life.

    Love for the special one always remain ..just we don't accept the reality sometime ..so says Yup I forget..while reality is a bit different.

    So Love for all the love for the people if we make intact and keep doing +ve things ..everything will be your or ours. Its just we need to look over and above it.

    It was a nice read.

    thanks for sharing do visit back if you get free time.

    take care.

  18. Hello Alpana:

    I like the way your name sounds. Al . . pa . . na. Came over from Blogplicity. For me, every time I fell in love felt like first love. But, yeah, I did have a first love and it lasted for a wee while. I still talk to him even though it has been almost twenty years. We joke about us then.

    First love is the beginning but I don't associate anything extra special with the so called 'first-love.' Everything has a first time and so does love so nothing much on that front.

    Joy always,


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