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Contemporary Fiction/Romance
Abhishek Bose's debut on the literary circuit
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Love-hate-jealousy-admiration-amity-animosity-friendship-enmity—for people in general may be only words, but for eighteen-year old Abhishek Banerjee these words turned out to be life-changing experiences over the next five years.
He harboured dreams of studying in a good college, to make new friends there, to have a girl by his side as his girlfriend, and above all, to carve out a niche for himself and leave his mark. He started realising his...(read more)
Mahaveer Publishers


This is the first time,I am prompting a writer,because I found his outlook very fresh,and different. My sincere request to all,please do read this book,and you can also post your reviews,and question,I will make sure that Abhishek answers 
them personally.

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