Thursday, April 21, 2011



It's Death again… He's always there
Watching, waiting – that stare 
Everytime I look behind

He is standing rather near
Don’t you understand the fear
You trigger deep within my soul? 
The terror sprung by such a ghoul 
Of a dark and hideous hue

Feeling of torture that scorches my soul
I plead with this fear of mine
To leave me alone
Or to give me a sign
I do not know where I am
There is only darkness
I begin to walk on
A path unfamiliar

Blank and quiet
My mind at rest
My eyes fall shut
And the beat of my heart
Goes numb in my chest
And then a scream
Quiet at first
Bubbles up from my throat
And comes out in a burst

I answer only with a scream
Sensing near his craving lust
Renounce my soul and turn to dust
This may be my destiny
I fear death
But Death has come for me

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  1. Brilliant poem about death,Alpana.Truly amazing and gripping.

  2. Yes brilliant.
    But where is death now?
    Far away or near?
    We care.

  3. Yes brilliant.
    But where is death now?
    Far away or near?
    We care.

  4. Alpu Dee I read the post and find the wording and explanation is very well written but truely speaking I never ever like this kind of article or activity....Because if we are good and loyal than never have fear of other and especially death because I only know that we have to fear only from the GOD who can do anything and trust him he must give you better life just try it....Give a small amount of time to GOD per day for your holy soul.......just try it by heart...

  5. Death is unavoidable
    It is but part of life
    Embrace it and thou shall not be fearful!

  6. the fear of death comes from the fear of life. so kill the killer fear and bath in the aura of life.....

  7. Alpana,

    I am sending you love, and healing light. I feel your pain, and your fear.
    Live you life to the fullest let no one or anything kill the fire within you.

  8. Death sneaks in a crack in the door..Shut it quick do not leave a crack..don't let it have your soul...As always..XOXOXO

  9. Because I could not stop for Death,
    He kindly stopped for me;
    The carriage held but just ourselves
    And Immortality…

    Alpana, this reminds of Emily Dickinson’s classic poem.
    ~ Blessings

  10. Nice one! I'm impressed. You know your way around poetry.

  11. The ultimate truth of life the death!when we realize this we start living......very philosophical poem! :)

  12. Alpana, I have never looked at death like that, nor feared it. I guess I have always felt it to be part of life. Your poem is very powerful and the words are strong. May your life over-power your fears of death.

  13. Interestingly dark.. well written as always... Just remember sometimes what looks like death is only life giving you a warning and you should always being looking for those and not death

  14. Death can be seen as a final destination of can be reached through a long walk of Life..or it may suddenly finds you itself...

    no there is no reason to be fear of it...

    but you penned your thoughts very well...keep writing...I started following you

  15. Amazingly true and close to eternal truth.. :)

  16. Where there is life there is death. It is also a beginning of a new journey. We don't really die only our bodies do. So darling don't fear death so much. Your poem reflects your fear of death.

  17. thats a brilliant one.loved the entire concept

  18. When Buddha was on his death bed he noticed his young disciple Anan was weeping.
    'Why are you weeping, Anan?' he asked.
    'Because the light of the world is about to be extinguished and we will be in darkness.'
    The Buddha summoned up all his remaining energy and spoke what were to be his final words on earth:
    'Anan, Anan, be a light unto yourself.'

    Buddhist Scripture

    Continue being a shining Light Alpana.

  19. We may not fear from Death but we must remember that it has to come sooner or later and that will keep us away from doing sin.

    very thought full post by you.


  20. Strong poem, Alpana!

  21. Even a slight thought of death can put anyone into fear... to write such strong lines, one needs to be very strong in & out like you..:)

  22. I waited for this day to write my reflections on death on your post...

    I was reading Kahlil Gibran On Death:
    "You would know the secret of death.
    But how shall you find it unless you seek it in the heart of life?

    If you would indeed behold the spirit of death, open your heart wide unto the body of life.
    For life and death are one, even as the river and the sea are one."

    it's something so and death are one...

    as we spend this day in contemplation of the cross and of Christs's suffering and death... i can't help but think that He has won over death...

    there's nothing to fear soul sis... it's not an end... but the beginning of something more wonderful than what we have now...

  23. am not sure what you meant with all the words written but would say thanks for your great comments on my blog, appreciate it and nice knowing yhou.

  24. Beautiful poem! Your thoughts are very focused on it. I'm truly impressed by this piece of poetry. Keep writing!


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