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Life is a perception of your own reality....

Life is a perception of your own reality

The word "life" has probably been around ever since mankind began using language. It is a word of fundamental importance to all of us, and seldom do we make it through an entire day without putting it to use. We do so, however, with only a sketchy and subjective idea of what “life” actually means. This is because until recently, within the last century or so, it has been easy for people to distinguish between what they call living and what they call non-living. There has been no need to define life precisely; its meaning is intuitively understood.

If the world around you doesn't fulfill your expectations, and thoughts like "What do I What is the meaning of life? Why are we here? Is there a God or isn’t there, and if there is a God, what is its nature? Of all the world’s religions, which one is the most correct? Is there an afterlife? Are we primarily physical beings or spiritual beings? Are you ready to spend your entire life searching for an answer to the ultimate question: "What is the meaning of my life?"

If the world around you does not fulill your expectations, and thoughts like, “What do I live for?" and "What is the meaning of my life?"  keep bothering you, you need to do some serious soul searching. It's not a feeling of melancholy, and no medicine will cure it.                                                                                                        
The way we answer these questions will provide the ultimate context for everything else we do with our lives. If we place any value on our lives at all, we must give some consideration to these questions.                                                                            
For half of my life, I’ve been searching for the context that would give me the best possible life. Of course, this is a strange pursuit because it requires searching for a context while at the same time always being stuck inside of one. In other words, the definition of best possible life” is also part of any context, so I have to find a context that both defines that term AND provides a means to fulfill it.

 Life has a very unique way of teaching us things. It keeps repeating itself until we learn what it’s teaching us, then and only then can we move on. In the mean time, don't knock you self on the head too hard, take things as it comes your way. You have to feel like you are working for something, you can even (and I mean this in a nice way) stop thinking about yourself, put others first. Can you think about anyone you can help today? There are so many things we could do… there is no one single answer. But it’s a start. Above all, Love yourself and give thanks for the day you have had every day!! Even when its bad….always remember, I complained I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet."

Keep in mind, there is no source, my teacher is life itself......

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  1. nice number suddenly came up as an audio surprised.....good musings on life

  2. hi alpana. Life is everything. To me the only way to get out of restlestness is to ask from God to give me His Blessings always.., then i feel peace and serenity...always

  3. Very well put. Too many times people complain about how "life" has treated them, like their life should be better because the Universe owes them. We all are just children of the Universe and must learn whatever our lessons are before we leave this current body. My thought on this is, as long as we are still destroying each other and our planet we have no learned well what true "life" is. The best place to begin living is doing something to better someone else's life, because in doing so you help yourself. We are not individuals we are all one.

  4. Life what can ya do, you play the cards your dealt with, you love you lose you laugh you cry. Tommorow is always a fresh start. To many people become prisoners in a castle made of the past.

  5. I read the following somewhere:
    Someone said,
    'I learn from experience'
    Another questioned:
    'How do you get experience?'
    He said
    'Right decision'
    Then the question.
    'How can you take right decision?'
    The answer:
    'Wrong decisions'
    Yes, our mistakes lead us to right decisions. Life is a trial and error process!!

  6. "The way you defined life is simply awesome.. Our perception is an important factor to shape our life.. The example of man with no feet penetrated deeply in my heart.. I definitely learned something new out of your beautifully explained post on life"

    Lots of luv..:)


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