Monday, May 2, 2011



Dear Mama
I was warm in your womb
I heard your lovely voice
I saw dreams along with you
you sang for me and put me to sleep

I was just growing to play with you
I was in your womb thinking about you
You were getting ready to make sure
That I had enough space for me to grow

I had dreams just like you did
I wanted to see all the colors around me
I wanted to hear all the songs that you sang
Most of all, I wanted to see you

Even though it does not sound right
You killed me
And the name they give it is abortion
It takes your life before you live it

If you had no plans for me 
You should have not made me
Nor waited for me to grow 

Before you decided to evacuate me from your world

Just because you don't hear me
Doesn't mean I don't try
Just because you don't hear me,
Doesn't mean I don't cry
What had I done to make you ignore my desperate cries? 

I guess I'm too little to understand
Good-bye Mommy, the month is nine
If I were here it would have been fine
Though I'm in Heaven I still cry
Oh God, Mommy why did you make me die? 

What does it mean to have a body growing inside of you? What does it feel like? Is it bad to have an abortion? Everyone has their own opinion on the moral implications of having an abortion. Most women report that being pregnant feels like having a baby inside them and that it is psychologically painful to have an abortion. There are times when having an abortion seems like the right thing to do. For example when the mother is unprepared or her health is at stake, or it could be rape induced pregnancy. Others insist on a woman's right to choose. I’d like to hear your thoughts and feelings. I am not stating that abortion is right or wrong,at the end of the day,its one's own choice.....

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  1. Alpana,
    You zinged me with this one at the end I so was not expecting that..
    I believe it is a woman's choice and that no one should tell a woman what to do with her body, not church nor state. It is far worse to be forced into a birth of a child. Both will suffer mother and child.
    Loving you

  2. "Just because you don't hear me,
    Doesn't mean I don't cry"....

    Alpna ji you made my eyes wet this time.....

    well, what ever may be the justification for it....its always wrong and no one can deny that.

  3. Woman's choice to choose.... judgment is not for others to do .....

  4. The woman should be able to decide without limitations. There are cases where it should definitely be an option; however, it shouldn't be used as another form of birth control.

  5. really nice post alpana...wish you a happy life ahead....

  6. As I always say, "I have no words!" I will share this to spread the massage.

  7. well written....

    its touching and sad...when you transform happy mood to sad one...

    "Most of all, I wanted to see you"


    "Just because you don't hear me,
    Doesn't mean I don't cry"

    nice topic...

    but one thing i want to share...
    its Women call / choice to be mother or not to be.....abortion is not right for all cases...

    but yes sometimes it is better to abort(early stage--two/three months) than giving a useless/unsupported life in worst environment...because creation of life is easy..but nourishing, caring, giving a better environment to grow physically, mentally, financially and not so easy...

  8. You stumped me with this one my soul sis. I agree with the others. It is the woman's choice and no one has the right to be judgmental about it. It is her prerogative.

  9. Yes, you got me welling up at your poem ~ I do think it's a woman's right to choose...but... x

  10. For me Sis, abortion is a big no no, there's such a thing called "Precaution".

  11. as always well done..I stand and I applaud


  12. a mother is born with every ounce of her own blood. she needs to think twice. once for herself and once for her child.

    child abortion excluding some special cases is a criminal offense. a fetus in the womb has the full right to come out into the world's limelight.

    Alpana, you have put forward a very popular but still the most neglected part of social awareness. we need to spread this message again and again to each corner of our society. this must keep on rolling because everyday more than a thousand mother is born, unaware.

  13. Very powerful poem! Personally I am against abortion but I also thank God that I have never been in a situation to choose if my unborn child should live or die. There are reasons for abortion: rape or medical and the mother should be allowed to choose. I do believe that adoption might be better but that is my opinion.

  14. i have always believed in the power of life and of a mother to give life to a baby...

    and i, with all courage say, i am pro-life and i am against induced abortion...

    i cry for the unborn... i cry for the sufferings they have to endure...

  15. Choice and circumstances ring true to me... well done Alpana


  16. pretty audible to support a cause in order to raise voice against girl-child killings..

  17. Alpana, you are a voice for the innocents in this poem, and have so poignantly expressed what little humans who don’t have a voice must feel. “A person’s a person no matter how small” as Dr. Seuss once said. Everyone else has rights, but where are the rights of the unborn? The sad truth is, they have none in this society. Hats off to you, dear one, for having the courage to stand and speak out on their behalf. It’s about time someone did.

  18. i wonder that u have the power to melt humans heart by these kind of poem ..i guess that i m right ?

  19. Alpana - Thank you for this ...while I respect a woman's rights, I'm always concerned for the rights of the unborn too. It's not about religious beliefs for me - but about respect for human life......Thank you, dear sister for this.

  20. I certainly agree with your view on abortion as a christian and I'm totally opposed except for cases of incest, etc. Unborn have a right from the moment of conception. Great post!!

  21. You have touched the fragile topic so sensitively! I didn't even realise that it was over and I wanted to read more:)

    Just as you mentioned, there are times when a woman really does not have a choice. Other than that, I feel it is a matter of a personal choice.

  22. nicely put up through your nice words!

  23. I'm glad to see you stand up for your beliefs!

  24. very nice thoughts!


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