Friday, May 6, 2011

Aishani - My Beloved Daughter

"BELOVED, YOU ARE MY SISTER,YOU ARE MY DAUGHTER,YOU ARE MY FACE,YOU ARE ME.........."Toni Morrison                    

Sweetheart, when I first came to know that you were inside me, there was excitement, an enticement; the feeling of magic and growth inside me. It was the possibility of life growing within that always haunts and delights a young girl as she grows into womanhood. Parts of my fantasy were coming true as the months of pregnancy passed by and when I first felt you move within my womb, it was the sweetest and most memorable sensation of my life. There was life within me. With God’s Grace, I had created you. I couldn't wait for your arrival as I knew that you would change my life forever. 

Aishani, when you were in my arms for the first time and I came face to face with you my little angel, I realized that not only were you my little baby, a woman to be, but also you would be my own unresolved conflicts from the past and my dreams for the future.Being a mother I felt that it’s like a promise from God quite like a spiritual umbilical cord...a link given directly from above which no other relationship can ever have. Holding you close to me, I felt there was a magical closed circle, the miraculous sense of bonding that only a mother and child can feel.  

As you are now growing up into a beautiful young lady, I know your world is different from the one in which I had at your age. I am trying my best in coming to terms with it. But always remember that even if you feel I am wrong I will understand what you want. Baby, you are my daughter, my friend by choice, a blessing for me from above. I love you with all my heart. I am your keeper till you are mature enough to keep yourself. I will hold your hand a little, but your heart, forever...

YOU ARE AN EXTENSION OF ME!   I want to give you trust and stability. You can count on me for all the things that matters most to you. I have dreams for you, great dreams.  I want you to look at the stars, for, there is one for you and I will reach out for it however hard it may be, so that you get everything you deserve in life. I will protect you, fight for you, love you, hug you, kiss you, hold you, laugh with you, cry with you. But, if you are falling, I will never let you because I will be there to hold you tight. I will always try and look for anything that disturbs you, because I want you to have a better life, a million times better than I ever had.  
Wherever life takes you, even if you don't see me around,don't ever think that I have left you alone. No matter what happens, I'll be there. They say nothing lasts forever but, where you are concerned, Aishani, I am a firm believer in the fact that that you are a gift from God to me, my most precious possession, my greatest asset. I am proud to have you as my daughter. You are the very meaning of my existence on this earth.

From your first breath till my last, I will never stop loving you!



  1. My heart felt full of countless emotions of bearing my lil one! Daughters are special. And you are special too! Aishani is lucky to have you for a mother. Be blessed! Be Happy!
    I hope Aishani reads this!
    Love n Hugs

  2. I Wish Good Health and Happiness All Life Long !

  3. Alpu Mausi..after reading this,you have given me a new insight of a daughter and mother relationship..This is a bond which is so strong,that nothing can come in between!

  4. Maa..after reading has made me realise what you mean to me and what I am to you.I love you Maa..and no matter what happens I WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU!!!

  5. sure are an inspiration for all of us...I cried my eyes out after reading this heart wrenching post.Yes,daughters are there for life and I am sure Mom will agree to this whole heartedly.Always be happy Bachcha!!

  6. Brilliant Alpana.

  7. wow.. Alpana I loved reading this post.. so touching and so true.Proud to have a daughter...

  8. Alpu,my dearest little baby,you are my love.You have written what I also feel for you.I wish I could have given you all the happiness in this world.But I promise you that I was and will be always there for you.I love you and Aishani,with all my heart.

  9. I can just say that Aishani is a very lucky girl!
    and i am really happy for her :)

  10. beautiful!!! love and motherhood is such a wonderful experienceand yes i do so connect with how u feel!:) i have a son and hes in college now . i feel the same about him...!

  11. Thank feel great to be appreciated by another blogger...and we share the same name!


  13. Fantastic've echoed every mothers feelings! Thanks

  14. Just loved the lines...."I'll hold your hand a little but ur heart forever..." Beatiful!!! Great going. U've been an inspiration to many :))

  15. gr8 ...very touched....a son is a son till he gets a wife....a daughter is a daughter throughout her life........even my 2 yr old baby applies balm on my achy head how much she understands my pain is amazing...when she was 6 months i had an acidity attack...cud not move.was groaning in pain...Aadita kept looking at me and dint utter a sound...tho it was past her nursing time....i too aam equally thankful to God.4 givin me a friend cum daughter.....

  16. Alpana....I thank God...for making me my parents' daughter....n I thank God for giving us a daughter....Cheers to all the daughters in this world..

  17. Alpana--you are speaking for all mothers...all of us feel deeply for the child we bring into this world,promising to protect, to love,cherish and make them strong--keep up the good work--the articles you are writing are beautiful--

  18. I couldn't have put it better Alpana..there are many relationships but nothing to beat the bond between mother & daughter. I'm sure Aishani will understand & appreciate this more as she grows everyday. Cheers to you both & all you moms n daughters out there!

  19. A truly emotional and heart wrenching take on mothers and daughters. God bless you and i am sure your daughter will appreciate this more.

  20. I feel there is no better way to describe motherhood ...all the emotions and feelings we have are beatifully brought out by u I am surely going to make my daughter read this tc bindu

  21. is the same precious feeling that every mother has for her daughter...!!

  22. every mothers emotion.....well expressed....cheers to motherhood....gr8 one alpana...

  23. @Saanjh:Thank friend,someone who can understand me so you for everything!
    @Vineet:Thanks a lot..for standing by me when I need a friend..and listening to my nonsense.
    @Hansika:Love your Mom and see how easy the world will be.
    @Aishani:Love you too,Bebo....You are my world.
    @Anila Di:Thanks,I know how much you care for always.
    @Sachi:Thanks a lot.
    @Swapna:Daughters are really precious..Thanks.
    @Mummy:I love you..Just be with me,I need you matter how old I get.
    @Aditi:All daughters are are too...for you.

  24. @Santosh:Thanks....Keep in touch always.
    @Swati:Thank you..Its great bonding with you after all these years.
    @Pooja:You are very special to a daughter..lots of love.
    @Aparna:Finally...Thanks..Enjoy every minute with your little one...daughters are like what you you.
    @Roshni:Thank you..for everything!
    @Shaan:Love you..My
    I need you always.
    @Pramilla Di:Thank you..everything you say matters a lot to me strength and encouragement..lots of love to you.
    @Niloo Aunty:Thank you.. after all these years we are connecting keep in touch.
    @Bindu:Thanks for always being you.
    @Sushma:Thank means a lot.

  25. Ilika Chakravarty November 11 at 4:18am
    awww! so very touching... aishani must be so so proud having you as a mom. keep teh good work going alpu!

  26. that was great sweet of you.

  27. Alpana,this is what every mother feels for her little girl!Aishani will treasure this article forever!!Beautiful!

  28. @Ilika:Thank you...I know you are a great u always.
    @Sarda:The best thing that could have happened in years..we met again..lots of love.
    @Dorjee:You have understood me so well..I love you for it!Thank you.

  29. i have tears in my eyes...i hope one day yr daughter will b able to read this and smile and say she lived up to yr expectations and made u proud .....lots of love from one mom to another!!!

  30. Than you Doma,love you always.

  31. i too am crying,aishani,baby ,u r blessed to have such a wonderful mother,always be by her side,come what may.alpu u will surely get what u have missed ,prayers always-----love u lots.

  32. Thank you Mamta....I really don't know what to sat..lots of love to you!

  33. Aishani is God's greatest gift to you...she made you into a woman, a mother, and it is she who gave you the divine strength of becoming a protector, an attribute which is an extension of Him. Gift her your dreams and your fears...she, another woman in the making, will hand them to you in a multi-hued parcel...where there will be pride...achievements...and , fulfillment. Yes, Alpu, she is the most invaluable gift from God.

  34. Alpana that was extremely touching....maybe every word you spelt every mother wants to say.. u are blessed with this wonderful expression.. keep expressing people like me may find our voice thru ur words.. lots of love to aishani

  35. @Alka Di:Thank you...when I have a sister like you in my life I really should not have proved it...and I you forever!
    @Zahida:Thank you...Just be there whenever I call u!

  36. somewhere in our hearts we all as mothers want to relive our youth through our daughters,want them to achieve our unfulfilled dreams,give them the best that life can offer and most of all protect them from all evil and ALPANA dear you've voiced all mothers thoughts in such a brilliant manner.

  37. Thank you Reshma..its wonderful to get appreciation from old friends..always keep in touch!

  38. beautiful touching letter
    no words to say or comment

  39. totally get this...i have a daughter...they are indeed priceless.

  40. May All mighty God Bless her....
    My best wishes for both of you....


  41. Alpana,
    Sweet heart what a touching letter to your little girl. Who is beautiful by the way...
    It is hard watching them grow up before your eyes but it sounds like you have it all together and are growing with her as she grows and learning with her as she learns..
    You are a wonderful mother, a caring friend and I am happy to be apart of your life...

  42. Alpana, your words are so tender and touching that every mother will feel the love you have for your daughter and they will rush home and hug their little angels. Beautiful post...loved it a lot.

  43. Alpana - what a heartfelt loving letter - I have only one thing to say - I hope I can be as wonderful a mother to my little one, as you are to yours.

  44. You made me gave me words for my baby girl who just turned 21..she is forever my baby girl and your words say how I feel ..Thank you..As always..XOXOXO

  45. Beautiful touching words about a bond between a Mother and child. Your love for your beloved daughter is inspiring and a joy to read about!!!

  46. What a beautiful post! Your love for your daughter shines & blessings to both of you..x

  47. I love your line "quite like a spiritual umbilical cord" - so eloquent and perfect. Your daughter is as beautiful as you are.

    Regards, Mari

  48. fanatically fantastic Alps, you made me feel the exact vibes of conceiving and giving the birth of my child again. i recall every moment, her first smile. her first murmur 'ma', everything. thank you for sharing the wonderful real world of mothers.

  49. Great expression of mother's love to the one they give birth to.

    I am away at Europe Sis and will be back next week. Will keep in touch more often when am back.

    Happy Mother's Day to you.

  50. Daughters are very special Alpana! Sometimes it takes a very long time for them to realize that. Your daughter is beautiful!

    Happy Mother´s day!

  51. Hi hon,
    I'm a new follower!

    I actually came to your blog to thank you for the wonderful comments you left at Jessica Brant's finding one's way page on my story living this side of hell.

    I wanted to thank you and let you know I have left a comment on the story telling you all how much your comments and support have meant. I hope you'll get a chance to reAD it. :) Anyways, I'm working on a blog post I've dedicated to the wonderful people like you who commented with such empowering, kind words. I will be sharing your link on the post. :)

    By the way, I love your blog! I'm so glad I visited! You have some of the most beautiful, interesting works of writing here! I can't wait to read more of your posts! So well done!
    Thank you so much!


  52. straight form the heart, amazing!
    happy mothers day :D

  53. I am lucky and inspired to read this on mothers day. An outpouring of sweet love and caring. Wish you, your daughter and family all the best. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY:)

  54. Alpana, this is a beautiful love letter straight from the heart to a beautiful daughter.
    Happy Mother’s Day dear one.
    Richest blessings,
    ~ Debra

  55. Isn't Aishani a lucky young lady to have a mother who loves her so and is not afraid to proclaim it to the world? But then you'll turn around and tell me that you're are the lucky one! You both are. Hugssssss.

  56. Ohh...after reading this my heart is full of emotions...

    you are great mother...and every daughters are very special...they take care of you whole life...they are more caring,loving and emotionally involved with parents..

    your daughter is lucky to have you as her mother..and so as you too..

    Lines like

    "Baby, you are my daughter, my friend by choice, a blessing for me from above"


    "You can count on me for all the things that matters most to you."

    "You are the very meaning of my existence on this earth."

    "From your first breath till my last, I will never stop loving you!"

    Loved them your expression..



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