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It is an unfortunate fact that divorce has become commonplace in our society. The pain and anguish this is created in a divorce has a ripple effect on the family. Often family members are confused as how to act around the now divorced couple. Children are often used as pawns between their father and mother. Each one may try to gain the upper hand in the battle for their children's affection. Getting divorced may be necessary in cases when a relationship cannot be salvaged. However, the couple should keep in mind the well being of the children involved. 


What started it? What really went wrong?
Was our family's love, not as strong?
There was pain in my heart as I watched my family split apart
Things will never be the same
There were tears in my eyes
When we said our painful good-byes
I ask why?
Why does it have to be this way?
Why did it turn out like this?
I cry myself to sleep
There is pain in this body
I call mine
Pain that I can't get out

I want to scream out loud
But instead I keep it bottled up inside
It hurts 
Family's are meant to stick together
Not be torn apart
Now I might never see the joy and the laughter
I thought I would
When I look at other families together
All I can do is cry

It's hard to believe, my Papa is the one who's gone
Every night I cry 
I ask, why he has gone, why has he left, why is he not here
My eyes fill up
A lone tear falls on my cheek
Sometimes I wish my life were different, in a much better way
Hoping that God would give me, just one good day
I think to myself and ask God, why? Why isn't my life so great?
I guess he says back to me, that it's just my eternal fate
Maybe someone out there will hear my cry
Praying for me, helping me get on

Papa, I still love you, even though we are not together
 I know that you can't express as to how much you are proud of me
But I want you to know that I love you a lot
You will always be my hero
And I will be your little angel forever
I still need you Papa
Because I am still your little girl....

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  1. When a family breaks the child's world does fall apart....even in adulthood that broken little child still lives....

  2. lovely sweet melancholy and true to the heart.

  3. i used to call my grandfather as Pappa. He's gone... But i still live in that world... Many do ask the reason behind the woes that i portray... His departure is one among them... thank you for writing this poem... touched my heart... and i am sure it will touch many hearts.

  4. what's done is done, what's gone is gone. one of life's lessons is always moving on. getting over a first love, dealing with heartbreak, dealing with death and dealing with life. it's ok to look back and think of fond memories, but keep moving forward and you will live your life happily...This is really touching..

  5. hhmmmm..there are certain things which keep us haunting through out the life, and all we can do is to learn moving ahead with the good happenings with us....and in the move just try to keep such memories out of thought....though its not that easy for any one....buttttttt, this is what life is all about(as you said)...!!!

    Best wishes,

  6. u made me sad... :(
    amazing choice of words....

  7. We miss our loved ones and go on living, with their loving thoughts in our hearts.If we look closely, they are right beside us always, lovely poem...take care

  8. your father is with you, always. you feel him deep inside. he has left you the footprints to follow his path. you are his angel. your tears are worth it, because you live his dreams. the little girl inside you is still his pride. let your prayers reach out to him, he knows you care, we know how much you dedicate yourself to protect the whole family, though some did depart and some ended up suddenly.

    the poem was deep words of confinement of a little girl trying to reach out to hold her father's hand, to feel secured and thus find a place to rest for mental peace.
    i just loved to read and feel it. you are just amazing, Alps.

  9. Touching as it penetrated my heart and being. Losing someone is painful but losing a loved one creates a permanent hole in one's heart. You will always be dad's little girl.

  10. It's a song more than a poem to me soul sis... a love letter that speaks straight to one's heart. I'm sure your dad is very proud of you. Love will always be there...we're only separated from our loved ones physically.

    It made me revisit remote places in my life. I'd make an effort to love my dad more while he's still here...

    Love you soul sis :*

  11. Divorce is something so very common these days and it is always the children who suffer the most. They usually have no say or choice in this drama that is tragic.They get torn apart. It is really painful. Alpana your poem is a cry of a child that is the victim of a divorce. You brought it beautifully

  12. Your poem spoke for the children of divorce in heart breaking honesty. May I humbly mention that it might be worse to be part of a family that stays together but is torn apart. Maybe your dada felt he could not handle the pressure and knew your family would be better off without him. Their are families that would be better off split apart then being ripped apart everyday!!!

  13. Divorce is so sad and it affects the life´s of so many people.We often forget how the little ones have to cope suddenly being without a father or mother. I believe therapy could help the family cope with things but the pain never goes away. I remember that even up to this day I still don´t feel part of a family even though I think it is all in my mind :(

    Great poem Alpana xxxxx

  14. The people we love always stay in our hearts...and we can feel them best when we recall happy memories.

    Blessings to you, Alpana ❤

  15. Great poem, keep up the good work. I invite you to share with us:

    Also stop by, read, enjoy and follow me.

  16. Alpana,

    There are no words to make any of what you and the kids are going through better... I will say as long as the kids know they are loved by both parents healing will begin....
    I love you kiddo

  17. I am crying tears for you...and the children who will always be the child...wanting to be loved both heros ..moms and dads...I feel you so deep....I am loving you...As always...XOXOXO

  18. The silver lining appears when one parent is capable of being mom and dad but that is rare. Well expressed Alpana!

  19. Beautifully written Alpu...I know it's worst for the child!! But then I always say better apart and friends, than together in misery...hugs!

  20. That was great! Divorce does suck! I'm divorced but I see the blessings. Nice job!

  21. This is so touching and so some ways the children suffer the most, but also, it's better that they are out a aggressive or violent situation ...

  22. As always you stir the emotions, find your way under my skin and make me take time out for reflection. I always find that your words enable me to remove any wounds i may hold on to. I love your writing.

  23. beautifully written...!

  24. The children those who are exposed to conflict may have substantial effects on their well-being.

  25. Poignant. Beautiful portrayal of a deep sadness.


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