Friday, July 22, 2011

Introducing Sneha Kedar,with her debut novel...ENTRAPPED

Sneha Kedar with her debut novel


What would you do when you start hearing mysterious voices in your dreams saying ‘We are trapped… free us’?
What if these voices keep coming back to haunt you?
There is something unusual about seventeen year old Myra Bose. Born to human parents, she is a fairy, who soon starts her new journey at Fae high – a high school for fae and fairies all over the world.
The new weird life was not enough to add to Myra’s problem, she also starts getting strange dreams with mysterious voices, which she is unable to comprehend. 
The recurring dreams which will unfold many dark secrets.
Myra has lot of things to handle right now – her attention seeking first love Ryan Swift, her trustworthy new friends and the never-ending haunting dreams.
Will her life get any better at Fae High?
Will Myra ever find out the voices behind the dreams?
When her love, Ryan demands her attention, what would be her first priority?

About the author:
Sneha Kedar was born and raised in Mumbai, Maharastra. She is a
graduate in Information Technology. Right now, she is pursuing her
Masters in Computer Application from University of Mumbai.
She is an avid reader and active blogger. She always enjoyed reading
paranormal fiction novels, which inspired her to pen down her debut novel, which is also a paranormal fiction.Few of her articles were published in India's leading newspaper DNA.
Apart from reading and writing, this young author also enjoys swimming, sketching and playing with her four pet dogs.

She can be reached at
Know more about her at -


Genre : Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Fiction/ Mystery
Author's website :

That sounds very interesting,and a great read,it gives me immense pleasure to see bloggers from our own communities achieve a place they deserve....I am promoting Sneha,because I believe in her, I find her very fresh and sincere. My request to all,please do read this book,and you can also post your reviews,and questions,I will make sure that Sneha answers them personally.
 We all have something to look forward to...Wishing Sneha the very best....You will be a great success,believe me..

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  1. stories on paranormal activities have always attracted me. i love reading the stories that sometimes reveal the mysteries and sometimes leave behind more questions for us to figure out. lets see what this novel has to say. Sneha, congrats for the launch of your first novel.

    thanks to Alpana for bringing into limelight such interesting novel that is going to get released, lets just grab a copy.

  2. Thanks Alpana, big honor to get featured on Motifs'
    I am so excited!

  3. I would love reading your debut novel because I too am interested in the paranormal. Keep up with your writing

  4. I very much enjoy your bio, it opens one up to the person you are. I enjoy reading good blogs and I invite you to share with us.

    Also stop by read, enjoy and follow me.

  5. Oh I've been seeing her videos posted on Mari's page. It delights me to see young talents rising everywhere in the world especially in India :).

    I love fairies...fiction... dreams... mystery!

    Congratulations Sneha and thank you very much soul sis for always sharing India's young talents to us :)

  6. Congratulations Sneha! This must be a wonderful read.All the best and we hope it will be followed with more novels.

  7. Good luck to you Sneha! Best wishes.

  8. Thank you all for showering your love and support :)


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