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Real beauty isn't just about being born beautiful and having a good figure. It is so much more. People can be beautiful when they have a wonderful smile and are happy with themselves. They radiate a glow which makes them stand out from the crowd. Beauty can also be in a voice which is calming and reassuring to the listener and most of all beauty can come from within a person. Someone who is helpful, kind and has time for others also have their own inner radiance and after all looks will fade in time and if you haven't got anything else such as personality or kindness you really are a plain person in the end.
Physical beauty may capture your attention but in reality its inner beauty that captures your heart. I think everyone has something beautiful about them, but a good personality is much harder to find. Beauty is only skin deep, true beauty comes from within. It is integrity, truth, kindness and simplicity. It transcends the physical and touches the spiritual. Beauty is brave and not weak; it does not react out of fear and does not hold grudges. It is a soft touch or a warm smile. Beauty is a helping hand and or a kind word. It is generous, not greedy, and never critical. Beauty is peace filled with contentment. Beauty can be complex but must be understanding to be understood. Beauty is timeless and age can never tarnish it.
I know this line will sound a bit corny… beauty lies is in the eyes of the beholder. Someone who's truly in love with you loves you with your flaws, both physical and in personality. Yes, we are sexual beings and physical attraction does play a role in romantic relationships, but anyone worth staying with does not expect you to look your best all the time.
Beauty should radiate, and not questioned,always being real and natural. Beauty is what's real.... what's truly real. Beauty is what feels good, having no regrets... feeling actually good without any regrets.
To me, beauty is a decision. It's the decision to start liking what you see in the mirror and not be limited by what is not perfect about your appearance. It is a secret sometimes hidden to others, profound and wonderful when discovered in one's own true self. It's the decision to be kinder to others so you can love yourself for who you are, but forgive yourself when you do make a mistake. It should reflect inner calmness, a person who shines through the most difficult times with a smile because they know there is someone worse than a part of themselves for others....doing tasks which others find repulsive....helping others without looking for a reward....that’s being beautiful.
Beauty to me is to know who I am. Beauty is me and my Soul. Beauty to me is….Honesty, Forgiveness, Courage and being able to love myself. No-one can love you unless YOU love yourself.

Go on, smile and your whole face lights up and your eyes shine ...... you are beautiful aren't you?????


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  1. very true..."Physical beauty may capture our attention but in the end its inner beauty that counts"...but unfortunalely in this age we all look for physical beauty and seldom bother to see inner body.

    Nice post.

  2. Yay!! I really love this post! It really encourages me. :) Smile and be proud. Hahaha. :) Winks!

  3. Thank God who has created us beautiful in many many ways like Him--- we are made in God's image and likeness.

    We re-define beauty with human terms but it is truly beyond our reach.

    We are beautiful when we allow God to radiate His light within us.

    Love then could be equated with true beauty.

  4. you have defined beauty in all ways possible. it is the gift of the creator which we need to nurture inside and outside. nurturing enhances it's intensity of radiance that in turn can have a magical effect in our lives.

    yes, we are all beautiful in our own way. we just need to approve our beauty and recognize it properly to cement our confidence and love ourselves more and love the world better.

    last but not the least i love telling you that you are the most beautiful gorgeous personality on earth i met ever and who has made my life beautiful teaching me that beauty lies within, you just need to discover. love you always, forever.

  5. Beauty is from within, so true. And you are a beautiful person who loves herself and therefore is able to spread love and beauty all around. Thank you my beautiful soul sis for sharing this. Only someone who is truly beautiful could write this so beautifully. Love you

  6. true beauty is skin deep....nice post :)

  7. You are truly beautiful within and outside too! love ya!

  8. You need not look else where for that acknowledgment.... You need to believe in your beauty be it physical or internal.... We were all created... only package differently but no matter what shape, size, color we were all given beauty within... 'soul'
    So my dear your soul is beautiful and it reflects....through you.

  9. What lovely words, Alpana; I especially love your last couple of lines...when we smile our whole being lights up!

    Feeling that beautiful connection with our Inner Self is truly sublime...we radiate love and happiness...and nothing is more beautiful!


  10. To love the ´self´ with all it´s imperfections are sometimes the most difficult thing to do! It has taken me a very long time to look in the mirror and say: "Hey gorgeous, I love you"...just joking with that last bit but I have finally managed to love myself :)

  11. Alpana,

    God I commented last night I just checked and it did not take : (

    You are a true beauty both inside and out but you soul is the most beautiful.

    You are a loving, caring, soul and you give of yourself like no other I know.

    I am proud to have you as my friend..



  12. wonderfully written and so true post.<3

  13. The thing of beauty is a joy forever, and your post is beautiful like you.

  14. Can't agree with you is more than it is to the eye.

  15. You really demonstrate that you truly are biggining to understand. Your beauty shines htrough, both inside and outside, the decisions you are now making are making you awesome.

  16. Hi Alpana:
    Love this post. Beauty comes to us in every shape and form.

    It truly is in the eye of the beholder. We're all beautiful to someone.

    A smile can bring beauty to someone who is feeling left out, left behind, neglected.

    A hug can be beautiful to someone who needs reassurance. Any number of things can be beautiful, a phone call saying thank you. Your best friend. I can go on but I'll stop.

    Thank you for calling this to our attention, Alpana.

  17. Yes it is true : ) I am beautiful. But I always knew that - LOL. Just kidding! Physical beauty is just the surface and like all surfaces it is prone to damage - what is then left is what lies beneath.

  18. You are beautiful Alpana, and you made me feel beautiful too....lovely words!


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