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 Friendship is a great asset. But much undervalued and always taken for granted. Why? Because everybody has friends, rather most of us have. To have a true friend is the greatest comfort in the world. This is one relationship in life where your status symbol does not matter. Your friend will support you when you need it most. Friendship is a great gift not to be taken for granted.  In order to have a friend one must be a friend.  The capacity of a woman's heart for meaningful relationships is vast.  A woman must have women friends who walk with you into your own wound and help you heal... To give you eyes.  If you as woman don't tune into your own pure heart and live your truth... you will build walls so high around you, you won't even be able to climb them yourself.
I am fortunate enough to say that I have friends, real friends who mean the world to me. Some of them have them have stood by me, understanding me, and reaching out, holding my hand without me asking for help. I can say with full conviction that this is the only sphere of my life that has been successful. .I am so very grateful for their purity, humility, courage, strength and love.
We have a group on Face Book…called the Ladies Club, started by Kriti Mukherjee. We have made friends to last us a life time, bonds never to be broken….This was written way back, 17th of January…since then, our friendship has grown a lot.

Sulekha Rawat

A loving person, and writes like a pro….you are so talented, Sulekha….wake up and start your book. I feel safe when I’m communicating with her, because she’s like my big sister! I can always count on her when I have problems. She will never leave me behind...

Kriti Mukherjee
The backbone of all these amazing and lifetime bonds that are being formed…so young and yet she can give the best possible advice. Thank you for coming into my life….both you sisters are life saviors for many like me, for whom loneliness had become our friends. There is truly a lot to say about Kriti, so starting off is quite a tough one. She is our life-size pillow. She is so strong, that she could actually manage to lift us all….. She’s not only tough on the outside but also on the inside. She’s like a turtle, strong and unbeatable, but on the inside, she is an amazingly kind-hearted individual. The big sister and acting momma of the group, Kriti will be in every corner of the room for comfort and liking everything we do, in good and in rough times.

Sheba Daniel (Chokher Bali)

A genuine friend who knows the very essence of the word “FRIENDSHIP”. She’s truly one of a kind. Her looks may exude intimidation because of the way she speaks for herself, but once you’ve been given the chance to know the other side of her, you’ll see past through the domineering personality. You’ll see the little girl in her, the type who loves to laugh and treasure all the wonderful moments she’d been through. You’ll see the warrior who doesn’t give up a fight as long as she knows she’s right. You’ll see a woman who knows how to love and give her heart to. You’ll see the music lover who appreciates good music. And the best part of her- her heart. Words aren’t good enough to express how much love she can give and offer to her friends, family and God. (Have you ever come across anyone who calls their car "ZEENATH".) My life would not have been the same without you….Cheeni

Reshmi Chatterjee

A big hearted friend to whom I can trust and depend on. A person that treasures all of her friends….someone who has been sending smiles, kisses, hugs….actually making people jealous. A friend whom you can run to and share your problems, even the most shitty ones. She will give her time just to comfort you. She will do her best just to show to her friends that she loves them. (And I’m one of those lucky friends of Reshmi)

Seema Sharma

She always listens to my stories gives advice and a lady who is not afraid to speak. What you see is what you get. She is a friend I will surely treasure and will never forget for the rest of my life. She never fails to make her friends happy. She speaks her mind and expresses her heart. She knows what she likes and what she hates… She doesn’t care about what other people may say for as long as she knows her self… That’s the attitude girl!! A friend who listens and vocalizes her opinions without hesitation. I have known you for so long, and its great that our friendship has become even stronger.

Swati Bhattacharya

She is very opinionated. She’s a “crystal glass” full of thoughts. If she doesn’t like you, she’ll tell you. She’s very transparent, when I initially met her in college, I found her as the one that bullies. But once I got the chance to get inclined with her, was amazed by what’s in her heart. She influences people with her wisdom and her faith in God. She’s very loyal to her friends and she doesn’t let them get lost with her honesty and sweetness. It’s your charisma, your fears, your principles and your will that entices people to like you and to be liked by you. One indisputable truth is the rule to knowing you- you lead….same applies for Kriti also. This gift of yours, a gift, a lucky few are born and bred with, luster or else tarnishes you, together with the people around you.

Dichen Tashi

People may get intimidated once they face her…. But what they don’t know about her is that she’s a friend that will never leave you hanging! She says everything that she thinks of and is not afraid of what people will think. A confidante who reached out to me, without me telling her anything, and gave me, support and advice that really helped me….wish I knew you better back in Darjeeling.

Rimly Bezbaruha

Though I’ve known you very recently, you still mesmerize me on how your character works. You’re this person in a story that puts all things in perfect harmony. The exhaustion that accumulates whenever I scrutinize your nature burns me to enjoy it. A queen who emanates power even without the effort. A princess, fragile, sweet and charming….your voice tells me all. She has a warm heart that will meet you when you need advice. Rimly is someone who I can talk about my problems ....and I love the way she talks…and when she writes…I don’t have the words…. When it comes to solving a friend’s problem, she’s the right person to go to….in spite of having her own to deal with, she gives me a lot of strength. You all learn a lot of things with this girl. She is the “biggest part of the group.”

Sudeepta Ganguli

I met her very recently….and she is cool….I wish I had her mental strength…and wish she would interact more here.

Preetu Dave

Someone I am longing to meet…she is like my shield, standing quietly behind me….I am so happy to have met you here.

Mishtu Guhathakurta

The type of bond we are sharing is marvelous…I am waiting for you to get here….its indeed a pleasure to have you as my friend.

Eva, Priyashmita, Prateebha, Lavina, E Nina, Gargi, Yoshay, Amin…and everyone else I have interacted with here in Ladies Club…thank you, it’s been a wonderful journey up till now….

 “It takes a lot of understanding, time, and trust to gain a close friendship with someone. As I approach a time of my life of complete uncertainty, my friends are my most precious asset."

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  1. WOw..everyone seems to be riding on the same vibe today! I just left a couple of other posts expressing the need and significance of friendships and making connections with others. Your article illustrates it beautifully, and how blessed you are to have found such wonderful people, and they you! Friends are priceless...especially those that can look through and see the real you, not just your mistakes or the labels the world has given you.

    Great post :)

  2. Truly wonderful to see you have supportive and loving friends around you Alpana


  3. I am truly happy that you have found real friends in your circle... caring, loving and supportive.

    I loved how you described each one of them. I haven't met most of them nor have interacted with them, but I felt them through your words.

    Thanks for sharing them with us... Continue nourishing each other.A hug to each one of them.

    love you always too soul sis :*

  4. You are truly amazing Alpana! I always believe in what goes around comes around. You spread love and therefore you will continue to receive love and friendship from all your friends.Love you for this wonderful tribute. Thank you

  5. Birds of a feather flock together, Alpana your post is such a sweet breath of love and affection that it gently soothes the heart and makes it richer with its precious gems.You are a great writer and friend, sensitive and loyal.Thank you for the beautiful words, hope I deserve them. :)

  6. the language of friendship is meaning to an intelligence above's wonderful to see the beautiful ring of charming, loving and caring friends binding happiness and strength to the circle of life.

    hugs to each of such friends who make life more meaningful in true terms of friendship. wish the amazing circle the very best.

    your richness of heart has described each of the dignified ladies so well. it was lovely to know them individually.

  7. Beautiful post and tribute to you all of a friendship and love.

  8. Oh my God Alpu, :) loved it!! I cant imagine why you thought I was bully in college! Eeeks, is that how I came across?? But you know I love you to death... Thank you!! How do you know us so well??

  9. Wonderful to see all these wonderful ladies who stand by you. Truly women power is definitely supporting, sustaining and encouraging.

    Kudos to friendship and the power of love.

    Joy always,

  10. Woah! You're lucky to have them and they're lucky to have you too. :)

    It's a great tribute for them. :) Wonderful :)

  11. What a lovely, supportive group you have, Alpana. As you say, true friends are precious treasures and you have paid yours a wonderful tribute here.

    May you all enjoy and nurture each other for many years to come. Big hugs to everyone :)

  12. What a wonderful collection of people you have in your group. I am honoured to know a few from my online friendships, i hope i can call them that. I pray, which is unusual for me being non religious, that in the future i will have the pleasure of meeting some of you. Alpana what you contribute through your blog is getting stronger and stronger. Keep growing, keep touching other's lives, and building your support network.You are an angel

  13. Alpana: lovely tribute to your works both ways.they enjoying your friendship as much as you do theirs.

  14. Friendship is so important Alpana and I am so happy that you have found friendships on Facebook that will last a lifetime! What a beautiful tribute to your friends!

  15. Thank you everyone for your love and wishes,can't do without without my friends.

  16. Alpana darling - I don't have the least of words to express what I feel after reading this!!! I am a prouder person today - prouder with the knowledge that you think all that of me. Thank you so very much and ladies club would have never been the same without you to hold its hand in the initial days. Everyone else ou have mentioned in this post are superb ladies. Everyone has something to marvel about. What a fantastic post Alpana - thank you again!

  17. Alpana:
    You are the one person that I want to take out to dinner and get drunk and just sit by you for hours and not speak a word. I want to step outside this world for a few minutes with you and just watch it roll by like a factory line and then ask you to write a few words of how much love it still holds for you. And am sure you will come up with a beautiful, touching and sensuous poem that will make me wonder if we looked in the same direction... You are an amazing, self replenishing fountain of love. One day we will get drunk and speak in silence together my friend.
    Here's to YOU, Alpana!!

  18. @Sheba...I have put this one...remember..
    Sheba Daniel: Alpana My Mitr... you have read more into me than anyone else tried in such a short time. I, on the other hand, am still tryin to figure out HOW on earth could we have just picked up the phone and called a stranger.. miles away from home.. and not hesitate one bit to share our deepest fears or say "I understand"... like we really know... maybe we are pickin up from where we left from a previous life... :) I still wanna take u out to dinner ♥

  19. Yes I remember...
    And I will do it (take you out to dinner someday)!!!
    Remain yourself... my friend!!!

  20. Wow i seem to have missed this one. Thanks Alpana for the mention:) Indeed it has been a great journey so far and i hope it continues to be so till we're old and haggard (imagine typing with wobbly fingers...Yikess!!!)
    This whole experience has been life changing for me in many ways and one that tops it all - is coming across all these fantabulous women!!!
    Cheers to that!!!


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