Thursday, November 18, 2010

Adam's Rib

“She takes just like a woman, yes, she does
She makes love just like a woman, yes she does
And she aches just like a woman
But she breaks like a little girl.”(Bob Dylan- :’Just Like a Woman’ – 1966 song)  

I grew up with the belief that I was made from Adam’s rib. God in his infinite mercy took one rib from Adam’s body and fashioned me – a woman, the delectable and unfathomable Eve. The years and life led me to doubt this sacrament and I realized that it was turning into a fallacy. I, an extension of Eve, not delectable and unfathomable in any way, ended up becoming Adam’s limbs, his very backbone and his very own punching bag. So much for the analogies that as Eve, made from his rib, would reach up only to Adam’s chest, would always be a part of him, feel secure and live in his heart.

Is man the protector and the head of the family just because he is the bread-winner? I raise my hand in protest! Don’t take me as being biased or a feminist. I assert that yes, man does protect, provided a woman shields him from all ends. Man prides himself as a savior, but I, a woman, am ‘his’ saving grace!

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”… easily man forgets! He does not remember that it was a woman like me who brought him into this world, gave him to suckle the very breath of life from her body till he could stand on his own limbs. He depended on her for his very own being. In his youth, his keen and searching eyes found me, the Rib to pamper his ego, be a party to his nights and once again, to nurture and nourish him. I, a woman, brought forth into this world his child…..and gave him the privilege to become a ‘father’. I wonder, did he ever realize that he was so dependent on me….even for his own identity!

It has…even though it is too late….now dawned on me that we live in a male dominated society where, even today, women are still treated as second-class citizens. Though I, a woman has proved herself over and over again that I can do everything, I know that I remain till this day, an item of lust, desire, housekeeping and a baby making contraption.

A woman is still treated as a man’s personal servant or a slave. The main factor behind is the evident male ego, due to which we women submit ourselves.

As a woman I have learned that I have come alone and I have to go alone….I have learned that  a man is there for you only when he needs you, not otherwise…..I have learned that giving extra care to a man or pampering his selfish whims will do me no good.
“Do you see that woman?

She seems so invincible…..but touch her and she will flinch. Do you know why? She has secrets and she trusts no one. She is the perfect example of betrayal!  Because the one man she trusted broke her!”
This is not a revelation for women…the Diary of Sonya Tolstoy(1844-1919) reads…”I am a source of satisfaction to him, a nurse, a piece of furniture, a woman – nothing more.”

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  1. This would have never been possible without my sister..Alka Jaiswal...who has contributed her thoughts to this article...Thank you Alka Di,I love you!

  2. a fantastic article and every woman should read it.good work alpana keep it up.

  3. spot on..... but ur also right that not everyone out there is uncaring...... however, they were not made to feel, love, share and hurt etc., like EVE..... hence we are r different breed.......

  4. too good n it's very touching.....luv u

  5. This post is sharp and tells it straight up! I bet it identifies so many of us with what you have said! Love you babes! You will be fine. If a woman can give birth to a child (which unfortunately turns into a boy but refuses to grow up and be a man) well, you can do just about anything.
    All my love

  6. @Nandini:Thank you..for everything.
    @Carolaan:Thanks..a little too harsh..I know I can't say that all men are the same..My mental state was such..and yes we women are different.
    @Dipti:Thank you..Looking forward to seeing u too!
    @Saanjh:Love you motivator..I will be fine..soon!
    @Jidhu:Thanks a lot..coming from a means a lot!

  7. Very nice.. deep and heartfelt.....Keep writing Alpana....Wishing you the best in everything. Take care.

  8. Heart-rending and gut-wrenching...I'm always at a loss of words...

  9. Very well written, it's time you stepped out and became the self contained, all powerful woman Alpu. Always remember, a woman doesn't need a man for anything, but a man cant do without a woman. We're the stronger species....hugs

  10. Very Good and touching Article. Every one should read this specially, Men!! So that they will also come to know what is most important thing of life.. a Woman, who has given everything to make him A COMPLETE MAN !!

  11. Youre surely getting better with every post Alpana, your articles touch every womans soul keep writing you have our full encouragement.

  12. You have hit the nail right on its head.
    Great writing and would strongly recommend all men to read it.
    Keep up the good work.

  13. loved it alpana...keep up the fantastic work.


  15. Its Fab Aunty!!
    i wish i had those writing skills :(

  16. Very well written...but no a woman is at par or above the male u say its a woman who has the power to create men!!!! I wish there were a few good men left!!!

  17. wonderfully written aunty!!

  18. It was a good writing.. but I couldn't Agree this
    "A woman is still treated as a man’s personal servant or a slave."
    I think Times have changed...
    I am not for a species war..
    I am a MAN made by a WOMAN(infact all)
    I think U r going thru difficult times with men...
    hope your child brings you joy and happiness
    Life is beautiful

  19. It seems that you are going thro a bad phase in your life. Hope you regain all that you have lost and May God give you utmost strength and logic to move on. Life is short so try to utilise it to your best - One couplet specially for you :-

    Zindagi ke safar mein gujar jate hai woh makam , woh phir nahi atey - Ankh dokha hai kya bharosa hai suno Dosto shakh dosti ka dushman hai isey apne dil mein ghar banane na do, kal tadapna pare yaad mein jinki, rok lo rooth kar unko jane na do, baad mein pyar ke chahe de jo hazaron salam woh PHIR NAHI ATEY, WOH PHIR NAHI ATEY !!!

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  21. One of the best on this topic, Matches what I have been thinking


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