Friday, July 8, 2011

And I am still loving you……

And I am still loving you……

This is something very close to my life is filled with love, passion and tribulations….But today,I am in pain....Take my hand and walk through the dark pathway, in the abyss of my heart. I know there is healing for us all in words of pain...
The other side of love is emptiness, but I promise to bring you back to love, for what is love without sorrow, we all grow through it…. If I’d never met you, I wouldn’t feel the pain of losing your sweet love, I wouldn’t feel insane. But if I’d never met you, I wouldn’t know the pleasure of pure ecstasy, and memories to treasure for a life time......

Love leaves its mark in the heart.....

I cannot handle this anymore
I have everything that I ever wanted
I have gained it all
Yet why do I feel that I have lost with one little action of love
I will sit here in my part of the universe
In my own corner of darkness
And silently scream
I’ll cry tears of pain
And no one will know
No one will know where I am

I’m in the dark that engulfs the unseen parts of the world
The darkness that has blinded my soul
With stabs in my heart
And crimson tears flowing
I long for his touch
His hand that caresses my soul 
Passionate whispers
Wondering if solace 
Hides in the distance
No one knows
That my body shivers 
For the touch of his hand
That brought me to this strange twist of fate

There all this will happen 
That is dreamed of 
Will I feed him with my fiery love 
Will he give me the touch that he has
To kiss me so sweetly 
And hold me close 
To sleep in his arms 
So tender,and yet so passionate
Part as we do now 
And say our goodbyes 
Will we meet once again 
At the end of sunrise?

We drift through our lives 
Both working hard to survive 
A purpose clear and true 
Wishes made from me and you 
Time can only tell 
What this life shall bring 
To you and I
Will we meet once again?
At the end of sunrise?

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  1. Great having you back.. but so much deserve more then pain. You spill out your pain in words so eloquent they almost make it pleasurable. BUt go out and don't look back walk ahead and see the bright hope of the future love!!!

  2. Thank you Jim,for your words and support...and you know what a sentimental fool I am...Thanks for always being there for me.

  3. Dearest Alpana...I feel your pain and sense of loss and marvel at your ability to put it all in to such beautiful words. ♥ you.....

  4. Thank you have been an immense support to me always...And I have always looked upon you as my sister,ever since I met you in this blogging world of ours...just stay with me..

  5. Oh,
    This longing is so heart wrenching!Now I understand what it is ti love,or, have I or,for that matter, you,have understood this tyrant 'Love' fully?I don't think so!Our lot is just sighs,and such poems.Baby,I'm with you!

  6. Thank you are a beautiful soul..and u write so well..this was hurting me a lot,so I had to write and get it out..LOVE..CANT DO WITHOUT IT,AND YET IT HURTS..

  7. Dear Alpana, you are such a brave lady! You are honestly an inspiration to many women out there!

  8. It's true that we don't know what we've got until we lost it, but it's also true that we don't know what we've been missing until it arrives.
    I don't know that Nelieta...

  9. Alpana,

    You ae so much more than this pian and heartache you are going through..
    You have so much power and love to give one who can give their all to you...

    I love you Girl Friend


  10. Beautifully penned down. I could feel the pain behind those words. Your poem touched my heart. I could relate with it. That's the beauty of a great writer. Keep writing more of them.

  11. Jessica,u know me inside out..and I felt good after talking to u today,and as far as pain is concerned,its there,it will not go,because u know that I truly believe in u sweetheart.

  12. I consider your words as an honor,NJ,because u know how much I love your work...and I know you can relate to the pain I write with things I can relate myself to...thank u...

  13. Alpana, your post is filled with pain but also experience. Your words are so very true...without love we would never have sorrow. Please take care of yourself. xxooxoxo

  14. And all for love, and nothing for reward...I guess that is what life is all about,Mary..thank u...

  15. Consider beauty and look for it in yourself. Even though beauty is simply an ornament, its contemplation can bring joy, albeit ephemeral. Highlight your own beauty and admire it. you are beautiful, in mind and heart. let tears reverse back, let pain be deleted, let the ones only deserve you for whom you deserve HAPPINESS and not PAIN.

  16. The feelings just don't seem to fade soul sis. The more it is denied, the more it persists...but the more it is owned, the more it glides its way to the heart...hmmm...but love will always be there in different degrees.

    Wishing for brighter days... love you soul sis :*

  17. Love could be awful and pleasurable at the same time. It opens the gate towards vulnerability.

    It is forever tattooed in your heart but is also capable of transformation and growth.

    Keep the faith.

  18. Life's not always fair. Sometimes you can get a splinter even sliding down a rainbow.Thank you Sancheeta,you are biased towards me..that is what makes u say so...

  19. I know very well Melissa,what u mean to will never go away,the faster u accept reality the better it is..but look who's talking..someone who is like u...

  20. @Blognostics....I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day. But to tell u the truth,I don't regret a single minute of it now...thank u...

  21. To love another so deeply, first you must Love Yourself. To write of your pain of a Love Lost is difficult and cleansing at the same time. Does it take away the pain and loss, No, but it is the beginning of your healing. It is true..." When one door closes, another door opens" your tears, say " I love you Alpana"..and just keep saying it. From your experiences of love lost, you grieve and come closer to the next partner in your life, that next rung on the ladder bringing you that which you seek the most...we get there through our pain and understanding. ...drawing every nearer to the Manifestation of that partner and love you are looking for in life...just say..." I love you Alpana"...

  22. @Ravenmyth...Thank you so much..Every person you meet along the way, touches your life in a special way.You have reached out to me in that special way,and I hope to learn a lot from u...and for the rest,I have left it to the supernatural powers...what I am destined to get,will probably get u.

  23. Alpana, You write from that deep place wihin and it shows. The tears can be felt on our cheeks and the twinge felt in our hearts. Beautiful poem of heartbreak and hope, keep the hope alive, god bless

  24. Hello beautiful, you will meet after every sunset! Dont give up on love! Promises will be kept and hope will be fulfilled. You havent lost it yet. Love you

  25. it is wonderful opnce again to read your words. Words so magical that they stir the emotions. A little sad to read your pain. But happiness that you are allowing it to pour out of you through your writing, knowing that it is healing in progress.

  26. I hate seeing you in pain my friend..but you have been there for me in I have grabbed your hand many a time I am letting you know ..I am offering mine..and that hand will always be there for you always...As always XOXOOXOX

  27. @Sulekha...Thank u,I have learned it from u...

  28. @Rimly..I was dead scared on posting this one,as I felt u will probably murder me...but you do understand how I am feeling...

  29. @Larry...This is the only healing process I know of..and ofcourse reading your posts always inspire me..but at times I forget about my focus in life...Thanks a lot.

  30. @Bonnie...We have seen such a lot together,and I know for sure,u will never let go of u sweetheart.

  31. Alpana,
    It felt like some one just stuck a knife through my heart... very sharp and wrenching and yet the pain felt so familiar that I wanted to feel more of it...
    pls dont stop writing!!!

  32. @Sheba..I knew what this will do to u my dear Cheeni,I feel your pain,I have had not written for a very long time,and this was needed for me also...

  33. This is miraculous! So deep and intense love with lot's of devotion but has no smooth path move , still it's in enigma to meet again.
    Beautifully expressed :).. Your writing says everything..Love you , take care and keep smiling :)

  34. "The courses of true love never did run smooth."

  35. So much of pain-how do u live with it ?Putting this in words is cathartic to n extent,but when u r done with it y not try & concentrate on something more pleasant?The more u delve deep in your sorrow the more u get anchored to it.Surely there is more to life than a love lost?Why not look in that direction?
    I feel for u & desire the best for u.

  36. Just landed on your blog to say THANKYOU for voting for my post :)

  37. This is BEAUTIFUL.
    Here from IndiBlogger. :)
    Each line, I could actually feel your pain.
    Lovely poetry :)
    Much love <3

  38. that was beautiful.

    i hope everything is good at your side and hope to see you come out of this situation sooner than later.

    god bless you and give you all the love in life!!!

    i know its easy to say but try to forgive what has happened and enjoy this beautiful life.


  39. Love is a complex affair. It has both the dark and the bright sides. Once we learn to accept both the sides (become practical, in short) love becomes simple.
    That's how I have understood love so far.

  40. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. stay optimistic. everything will soon be fine.! :) awesome writing.!

  41. Beautifully written. You've written down what I am going through. Thank you for sharing this... Someday this will end.. I pray.

  42. Beautifully written. I can feel the pain and anguish in your posts. You deserve so much more, just as we all do. Hope things get better!

  43. Dear Alpana,
    I really wish I could love someone like that... maybe I do.... but in this world of competition and pressure this beautiful emotion which is so pure and devoid of any materialistic demands gets drowned and does not as much surface even though deep down inside it is always burning in latent fire.

    We all being human have so many needs but "to love and to be loved" is one of the basic need which can bring eternal happiness to one's life. I sincerely hope you find peace and love in your moment of pain.

    Your blogging friend,


  44. its too beautiful for words to explain... amazing.... very well said... i could feel the emotions... great work...

    Take care and keep writing...........

  45. what a beautiful poem love. bless u

  46. Such pain...Such emotions...Is that what ppl call love?

  47. simple impeccable write...its intense and dark...i love dark and despair....i loved your write...very well penned...great job..thank you for sharing

  48. never thought that I would "appreciate" someone's pain.. so beautifully written.. so painful yet touching.. :)

  49. very nicely written..i added up to ur'd be great if u check out my blog and like & follow it as well.. here's the link-


  50. Just hope whatever it is, you are ok now.


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