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Roy Durham's Poe-a-tree blog hop, starts this Sunday at 6:PM. The theme of this hop is “What is your favourite colour”? Write a poem or story about your colour or colours and post on your blog. Get ready to see the rainbow of poems and stories. Let us all have some colourful fun.. . Thank you and god bless.


Calming, peaceful, sensual rain
Let it shower upon me
It is here I feel no pain
After the gentle rain falls
The air smells so fresh
And as the sun begins to rise
Behind the clouds
I so look forward to this
For I know,at the end of these showers
You will be there
With a rainbow

And sure enough, in a distance, I see my rainbow
It's a sign of love you have for me
Because I know that every color that the rainbow has
Signifies your passion for me
The bright colors of the rainbow
Trace their way across the sky
The vivid shades
Found within each stunning hue
Shall remain a lasting treasure
Till our time on earth is through
The rainbow is a reminder of a promise to me
Reassuring me of the love I have in life
Bridging the gap between
Dreams and desires

I will only get to the end of the rainbow once in my life

Love is a rainbow
It  will fade every dark colors I have
The rainbow connection has helped me find you
The rain was just a wall for me
I can now see them all
Violet, indigo, blue,green,yellow,orange,red
Giving me color
Be the rainbow in my life
Giving it color

Here is the list of bloggers who are participating in this hop...
Jim McIntosh
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  1. Breathtaking rainbow, Alpana. I love the way you've used different colors to write your poem. Great poem and lovely colors of love.

  2. Perfect! Hoping you find your end real soon. Love ya!

  3. Beautiful colors there... in the end, our joy comes true when the bridge between dreams and desires meet. Lovely poem there. It has come straight from your heart. Beauty!

  4. that is something lovely and creative!

  5. beautiful poem....loved the usage of colours...:)

  6. Your usual wonderful talent lines through like a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. What would we do without the dreamers, the lovers and me!!!!! lol

  7. the first impression before reading the poem was a colorful rainbow page infront of my eyes. each line with different colors together made a beautiful rainbow hue. then reading it through, made me fly in colors. so beautiful. heart felt happiness spreading through words catching up the rainbow in the sky. love is the most appropriate symbol of colorful dream catchers bonding in magestic reality. rainbow through your thoughts is so justified.

  8. Beautifully done Alpana, I too like the way you painted your words with the colours of the rainbow.You weave all the hues of colour into the nuances of life...and forever looking for tranquility...only to be found in your rainbow...

  9. Loved it Alapana. Love can be nothing but a rainbow with its riot of colors, and in this poem the one you love is personified as a rainbow. Very creative.

  10. Very colorful and nice poetry..this poem not only explain the rains and nature's beauty but different shades and colors of human emotions also...realy i enjoyed the wishes..

  11. i see you found the love under the rainbow tree, know this that some searches for your pot of gold to find you and love at the rainbow beginning not end love colorful poem and post with love. Thank you for join the Poe-a-tree hop and god bless

  12. That was so much fun to look at and so beautifully written x

  13. ohhhhhhhh the colors drew me in and I could see the beautiuful rainbow of HOPE....As always...XOXOXO

  14. loved it MOM...

  15. very well done,colorful,and beautiful.

  16. This is amazing and refreshing soul sis. Each line filled with colors that suit the emotion intended for them.

    It gave me a sense of peace and relax reading it.

    Oh fill me...fill me with the colors of that rainbow!

    I loved this :D

  17. Love is a rainbow. I just had my eyes fixed on this. It is everything in this poem Alpana. The colors you've just described...the dreams and desires...This is it!

  18. You sure said it Melissa- Love is a rainbow!

  19. That was awessssooooooooooooommmeee Alpana! Loved it!

  20. Thank you for allowing us to walk with you under your magical rainbow. We will all keep you company on your journey until you reach the end of the rainbow with joy and happiness in your heart.

  21. Beautiful poem, Alpana. Love is indeed felt in the colors of the rainbow. xoxox

  22. Loved it! I always enjoy the atmosphere that is created after a nice rain fall. And love is a rainbow...that statement reminded me of how God is love, and often described as being light..which is white...and white is all the colors combined...a rainbow :)

  23. Trust you to make such a lovely analogy between the rainbow and love....beautifully done!!

  24. what I was looking for, thanks

  25. Thank you so much for your response..nothing else can make me feel better.


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